NOTE TO READERS: If you are reading a tutorial post, carefully read each and every instructions to avoid errors. Yeah, yeah, I know it is very depressing losing your phone because it was robbed or you lost it. Using your Mobile Number – Yes with this method you can permanently disabled your lostA mobile phone by just using your mobile number. Using the IMEI Number – and good news, you can disable it using your IMEI number where just simply enter it on the software and click on find and disable button and you are good to go.
But has a little drawback as you could see the one using it must have been already disabled the location function or your phone is turned off can locate it of course Geo Location must be turned on and the phone must be turned on as well.
Note: Along the process you will need to verify yourself that you really are the owner of the phone. This feature is a little more secured you need to verify that you actually the owner of the phone by entering the phone model number and the IMEI no. Random Search Termsmazarbot downloadhow to hack the andriod phone with phonehow to hack someone phones text messegesmicrosoft office 2013 activator exeMovie Star Planet Hack No Survey 2015locate number freecastillo furioso hack gemas 2015wlmobilefreezer activation codetop hacking games apk without rootremotely send a message from a phone number We Are Not Affiliated or Hosted Any Hacks On Our Website All hacks on our site are 100% undetectable and are updated regularly. I Can't Find My Phone - This works bestif you think the phone is under something in your office or home.
Where's My Cell Phone - Works like the above site, but you can specify when, within the next five minutes, the search call will take place.
At any rate, these high tech solutions are better than turning over all the furniture, then phoning everyone in town.

Martha LindbergMankato Frugal Living ExaminerMartha Lindberg has what it takes to bring you news on frugal living – lots of experience and constant research for new ideas. Mother's Day experience gifts that mom will cherishChoosing the best gift for Mother’s Day can sometimes be a challenge. Cinco de Mayo must-have cocktails and fun factsCinco de Mayo is right around the corner and in anticipation of this festive holiday, we thought it would be interesting to share a few fun facts. A new study by a mobile communications website today revealed scenarios that would account for the $30 billion worth of cell phones lost last year. The Lookout Mobile Security  website told ABC news that its research, which involved some 15 million cell phone owners in the United States in 2011, showed that on the average, a user loses a cell phone at least once a year.
Through an app that it makes available to owners, the Lookout site said it helped locate some 9 million lost smartphones last year, which statistically indicated that a cellphone was mislaid every 3.5 seconds. The study indicated that certain cities in the US showed the highest incidence of cellphone losses; topped by cell phone owners in Philadelphia, followed by people in Seattle, Oakland and Long Beach, California.
It added that other cities in the top 10 list of cities, where cellphone losses were high in 2012, were among those included in the FBI list of cities with the highest crime rates, including Cleveland, Detroit, Oakland and Newark in New Jersey.
Interestingly, the specific locations where most people lost their cell phones last year were in a coffee shop, in a bar or in the office—in that order of frequency. The report hinted that a substantial part of the losses had more to do with forgetfulness on the part of the owner, rather than bad intentions on the part of a thief.
Luckily, there’s this amazing trick, method or however you want to call it where you can get it back or at the very least permanently disable it.

I highly doubt the one your robbed your phone at the one currently using it will connect it to internet without doing some precautionary measures.
I think that probably somebody is now working on an app for this, since everybody wants this! He discovers his passion for writing in primary school and starts with short essays in his mother tongue. If you lose your phone, you can report it online and arrange for Blue Retriever to put a wallpaper on the phone that advertises a reward.
With a degree in home economics, experience raising children, and many projects (writing, travel, non-profit management), she is full of ideas and wants to hear your thoughts as well. In college he begins writing essays in English as a freelancer, being attracted by news reporting. When someone finds your phone, they can log in to Blue Retriever to arrange for the reward (in the denomination of your choosing). Due to the low battery life of a cell phone, this app was designed not to use battery or consume memory when it is inactive.

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