But, have you noticed how cellphones have a tendency to just take over and constantly demand a significant part of your attention?
Cellphones are literally masters of distraction and they can take your attention away from just about anything instantly and consistently. The ability to instantly connect with anyone has its advantages, but it also has its costs if not managed properly.
Research has proven that workers distracted by email and phone calls suffer from many issues, even including a fall in IQ during the period of distraction. And, the usual justification that multitasking allows you to accomplish more also doesn’t really stand up to scrutiny.
Make a leap of faith and realize everything will not explode just because you don’t instantly know when an e-mail or text message comes in. It’s great that you can do just about everything on your cellphone, but when you pick it up to use it, decide what you are going to do, use it, and get out. If you are interested in really getting the most out of all your experiences, increasing your productivity and being less stressed and overwhelmed, start paying attention to how you are using your cellphone. Related Posts4 Unconventional Ways To Eliminate The Distractions That Keep You From Creating Your Best WorkCellphone vs.

Does it seem only appropriate that when your cellphone rings you should answer it the vast majority of the time regardless of who you are with or what you are doing? The majority of us probably need to take a look and change how we manage our cellphone use. You can go through life on autopilot jumping from one e-mail to the next, responding to voice mail messages, and not really ever paying enough attention to the experiences happening right in front of you.
Don’t underestimate the damage caused by allowing your cellphone to constantly require you to multitask.
The problem is when switching back and forth from one task to cell phone management is your standard operating procedure. Reserve blocks of times to devote your complete attention to things you need to get done, your kids, your spouse, your driving! Take a look at who is trying to contact you and decide if you really need to respond right away.
You will be amazed at the positive impact that managing your cellphone in the right way will have on everything you do. Sibyl writes about the importance of seeing life from a different perspective and discovering alternaviews.

They have written for the LA Times, The Washington Post, President Bill Clinton's White House, Forbes, and more. It is not that you are totally oblivious to what is going on, but let’s face it, if you are continually being disrupted by your cellphone, you are just not nearly as engaged as you could be. This way your messages don’t accumulate and you can be fairly confident you are not going to miss anything really time sensitive because you are checking your messages regularly. As a human resources professional, she has many years of experience counseling, coaching and helping other people realize their potential.
Is there really anything wrong with multitasking and taking the occasional call during dinner, or checking e-mail while you are in a meeting?
This is a great search tool where you can look through records of cell phones to find out who someone is and more information about them.
You can also look up phone numbers on Google, by simply searching for the phone number you want to find out more about.

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