SIM card file recovery software is used to recover and restore all deleted text messages from your mobile phone sim cards easily and safely. Sim Card Data Recovery Software recovers lost or deleted text messages and contact numbers from mobile phone sim cards. Sim card restoration utility supports easy recovery of sim card data from cases like accidental data deletion, virus corrupted sim cards, software or hardware failure and many more. PC Advisor (registration)Traditionally, Android malware comes through the installation of dodgy apps outside of the protected walls of Google Play. Tom's GuideHave you ever received an email from an acquaintance or relative who claims to be stuck in London, and asks for $2,000 to settle up his or her hotel bill because the person has been robbed?
The New DailyFirst of all, the user will receive what looks like a harmless multimedia text message.
Company offers effective application to send text message from computer machine within minimal period of time span provided with facility to publish notifications alert messages and standard messages to desired number of mobile users contact. Text Message Sounds is a collection of sounds perfect for text message sounds and notification alerts. Secret File Messenger is a steganography software and you can easily encrypt file or text message and hide it in a picture. Message Smuggler is the leading software on the market of its kind, which used to smuggle or hide text message into images. Sim card SMS recovery software developed and designed to rescue all deleted or lost information, text messages and contact numbers of your cell phone sim card.
Bulk SMS Caster Enterprise is a unique Bulk SMS Software which assists in sending thousands of SMSs from PC or Laptop simultaneously.

Drunken Clock is a skinnable analog clock, which randomly and smoothly moves across the screen. The software retrieves all stored contact numbers and unreadable written messages in less than a minute time for mobile SMS (short message service) recovery procedure. The card reader will examine your SIM card and recovers deleted information easily and efficiently.
If you are not able to find any compatible SIM card reader, Please feel free to contact us to get the information of manufacturers, who can make it available to you in very short time.
Mobile phone sim card undelete program recovers accidentally deleted text messages, contact numbers and other important data stored in your mobile phone sim card. Mobile sim card recovery program even displays ICC Mobile Identification number, IMSI number, Service provider name etc. However, it's also possible to attach malware to a multimedia message, which will download to your phone once you view the message. Our application is a single, stand-alone, non installing, portable application that encrypts all plain text messages with just one click of a button.
Having as main function the sending and reception of attached files, this also allows the sending and reception of text in the message.
Analyzes the sim of any network seller and is capable to preview (ICC) identification number of the SIM card.
Sim card data manager utility supports all GSM sim cards subscribed to any national or international sim card service provider.
USB Simcard reader utility trace full Details about sim card including ICC-ID (Integrated circuit card identity) number, IMSI (International mobile subscriber identity) number, SPN (service provider name) and PIN (personal identification number) of sim card.

2G compatible simcard recovery tool is read only and non-destructive sim Card Data Recovery utility that provides facility to generate the report which allows viewing date and sending time of text message. Recovery of Sim card data is not possible in the case when your Sim card is locked due to unauthorized PIN code. Cellphone simcard information recovery software does not require any technical skill to operate this program and also free demo version available with help option. Cell phone sim card SMS recovery software retrieve recently deleted text messages, sms and Contact Numbers even from blocked sim card. Sim card information Backup Utility recovers encrypted and unreadable text data that is corrupted due to human error and virus attack. Sim card data recovery software can print all recovered information by using normal printer. Software is non destructive and read only utility that rescue deleted inbox, outbox text messages.
Tool support recovery on Windows operating system including Windows Vista, XP media center, NT, ME, 2003, 2000 and 98. Sim card data repair program recover lost or corrupted SMS, phone book numbers and all other saved data from any SIM card.
Software has graphical user interface that helps technical and non technical users to operate the software.

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