According to user feedback, data loss has been widely considered as the most common but annoying thing when they play with their Android mobile phone.
Admittedly, contacts list is one of the most significant data on a mobile phone, especially for those businessmen who have saved many vital phone numbers of their big clients on Android phone. In order to help entirely restore lost contacts from Android, I'd like to recommend you this Coolmuster Android Contacts Recovery software.
Moreover, this software allows you to preview the whole contacts list, so that you are able to selectively recover deleted contacts from Android cell phone as you need. Note: Before launching this Android Contacts Recovery software to recover deleted contacts from Android mobile phone, you need root your phone first. At first, run this program on your computer and then connect Android smart phone to PC via a USB cable. After detecting your Android phone, this Android Contacts Recovery will automatically scan your contacts on your phone. By the way, this Coolmuster Android Contacts Recovery enables you to preview the whole contacts on your Android phone, and then all contacts can be restored to computer as CSV format.

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Generally speaking, there are several major factors that may lead to the data loss from Android smart phone, such as improper operations or settings, reset mobile phone back to the factory default settings, flash Android operating system without backups, get attacked by viruses, and so on.

With it, you are able to preview the whole contacts on your Android phone, including deleted and existing ones. Thus, if you worry about losing contacts again, you can save the whole contacts to PC as a backup.
No matter how you lose your Android files, the most urgent action you should take is to find ways to recover them.
Thus, it is of great importance to recover deleted contacts from Android phone as soon as the loss happens. While, one thing to notice is that if you mistakenly delete phone numbers, you should keep your phone intact until you work a recovery software to retrieve them. That's because when you continue to add or edit contacts with your Android mobile phone, your deleted contacts may be overwritten by new data, then you will lose them forever.

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