Are you annoyed by attending the prank calls?Do you want to trace them back?Then in this post i will show you various methods through which you can trace them back.So lets see. You can trace a number by using the sites which are mentioned below(These sites gives you the information about the network provider and the place).
You will find the details in one of the search results,but this method needs patience and lot of time.I suggest you guys to look for the Google plus page in the search results.

That's it friends i hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any queries regarding any topic feel free to ask us and if you know other sites apart from the sites mentioned above,please do comment and have a nice day. Jagadish is the founder and Admin of Techyknights.He is a Techgeek and upcoming blogger,interested in computers,Blogging and more. The content is strictly copyrighted to Jagadish and should not be reproduced without any permission of him .

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