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Allowing you to track your location, speed, and altitude multiple times per second, while capturing your adventures in a range of High Definition formats. The ContourGPS helmet camera from Contour can track your every move, speed and elevation using state of the art GPS tech while recording the data in crisp High Definition with audio. Incorporating a wide 135 degree lens, the ContourGPS shows the entire scene while bringing the viewer deep into the action. The built in omnidirectional microphone is designed to capture more sound while reducing excessive wind noise. Supporting up to 32gb microSD cards, you can store up to 8+ hours of quality footage on a single card. An excellent action camera like the ContourGPS comes with a whole ecosystem of mounting supports to accommodate any sport.
Get the ContourGPS and you will see why this is the hands free action camera people are talking about.
ContourGPS is the first hands-free video camera to capture video and location along with an optional Bluetooth chip that works in tandem with the new Contour Connect View app that turns your iPhone or Android smartphone into a live viewfinder! As the name implies the ContourGPS has built in GPS technology that adds a whole new dimension to action sports videos. Like all Contour cameras, the ContourGPS comes in a brushed aluminum enclosure that is both sleek and rugged enough to handle anything mother nature can throw at it. The ContourGPS lets you capture all the beautiful, crisp HD footage you've come to expect from Contour. Full HD 1080p: Recording in 1920x1080 captures footage at 30 frames per second, get crisp, sharp true HD video at the highest possible resolution. Tall HD 960p: Recording in 1280x960 captures footage at 30 frames per second - excellent for actions sports that are better suited to a taller image such as surfing or paddle boarding.
Along with all these HD modes the ContourGPS also makes an excellent action camera capable of capturing stills at intervals of 3, 5, 10, 30 or 60 seconds. The locking back door on the elegantly designed ContourGPS protects a microSD card slot and battery from the elements. Contour's free Storyteller video editor makes downloading videos from camera to computer a snap. Your videos are your stories, and Contour has provided an excellent platform within which you can share those stories with the world.
Contour (formerly Twenty20 VholdR) warranties the ContourGPS for 180 days from the date of purchase of product, unless otherwise indicated by your local government’s warranty laws.
If it we're to continue to function, it needs a replacement lens to something not so wide angle, half of the movie being filmed is the helmet that it's mounted to. I have to keep the sound as low as it will go, the moment you start moving, all you get is wind noise. GPS fleet tracking is growing in popularity as managers discover the many benefits of being able to follow their vehicles in real-time, as well as generating reports on worker activity. But some employers worry that by tracking staff using GPS will expose their business to a lawsuit. The employer may use a web-based service (or SaaS software), such as Telogis Fleet, to track these GPS devices so they can view them from anywhere that has an internet connection, normally in the office. So you’ve decided to install GPS tracking devices so you know what you’re staff are doing throughout the day – will you get into trouble with the law? There seem to be a variety of opinions on how legal it is with some commentators saying it is a ‘gray’ area but the general consensus is that, if done properly, then you won’t have to fear a legal challenge from an employee. The difficulty seems to be balancing the rights of a business to know how company equipment is being used and what employees are doing while on the clock, with a worker’s right to privacy.

The answer seems to be as open as possible with your staff on what you are tracking and why. There was a very similar topic on the tracking devices that some companies have strated attaching to their employees- analyzing their tone of voice, moves and even posture. I have a question… what if the vehicle is also provided for preivate use as well as company use. I own a small carpet cleaning business and I’m considering installing these on some of my company work vans. I used to work for a delivery company and we were monitered by GPS using two different methods. GPS TriviaA GPS satellite weighs approximately 2,000 pounds and is about 17 feet across with the solar panels extended:GPS satellites transmit two low power radio signals, designated L1 and L2. Equipped with GPS technology, this smart little camera is changing the way point of view video is made. The rugged brushed aluminum housing is built to take all sorts of rough action sports while the twin lasers in front help align your shots perfectly. Tracking location, altitude and speeding multiple times per second, this data is stored with the video which can be played back via an interactive map and video player you control for quick review.
The patented TRail mounting system has mounts for rails, flat surfaces, helmets and any situation you may encounter. Using Contour Connect you can make adjustments to your camera settings and preview exactly what your camera sees.
This new layer of information gives vital statistics that are useful for training and coaching purposes or just showing off your incredible ride.
The ContourGPS connects seamlessly with Contour's patented TRail mounting system for effortless slide and lock mounting.
With a 135° wide angle lens which ensures capture of the entire scene without distortion or a fish eye effect, you get full HD recording of your adventures without compromise.
Perfect for instances where frame rate importance is greater than resolution, this setting provides buttery smooth slow motion playback, capturing high action while reducing blur. This is the setting you want when space on your memory card is getting tight or you want a lower resolution for faster rendering during edits.
So save space and snap away without having to carry a separate camera just for still photos! The built in omnidirectional mic records rich, true sound while reducing wind noise to a minimum. Capable of supporting memory cards up to a whopping 32GB, you can capture over 8 hours or HD video on a single card! Highlight the best parts of your run, add titles, descriptions and tags then watch the exciting footage you shot on the interactive map with GPS data. The warranty applies only to defects in material and workmanship and not situations caused by impacts or abuse. I could film a movie, and download it directly to my iPad, since the latest firmware upgrade, the camera is now a very expensive paperweight. Essentially it is where an employee’s vehicle is fitted with a GPS tracking device, or the GPS feature on their phone is activated to track their movements throughout the day*. A connected device will send out a signal that can be tracked by an authorized user in real-time.
They may receive instant alerts when certain ‘rules’ or parameters are breached, such as speeding, driving dangerously, entering no-go areas (such as a bar or casino during work hours) or when the vehicle is having mechanical problems.
The chances of running in to legal problems are greatly increased when GPS tracking is done in secret, without an employee’s knowledge.
I found a gps tracking device in my company truck and I was not notify or told about it being installed in my truck.

Since I pay for the vans, equipment, and gas; am I legally obligated to notify employees of the installation of such devices? Our trucks had a built-in GPS and the scanner we used for deliveries also had a GPS installed. If you have a company vehicle that you use for private use then your employer still would need to know that you aren’t advertising his company outside a tittybar. Perfect for showing off your ride or get more serious by making these GPS videos as part of your training or coaching program.
Accessories like waterproof cases and batteries are readily available from our store and very reasonably prices.
Fast and easy to use, the ContourGPS can be mounted anywhere using the extensive family of mounts in the Contour TRail mount ecosystem.
Comprising of a front facing mic with AAC Audio Compression, you capture the sounds you want - from screeching loud to whisper quiet. Become the ultimate video producer and create your own custom style for videos that will blow your friends away. The employer uses this information to know where workers have been during the day, as well as other GPS-related information such as time on the job or vehicle speed. A disconnected device will store that information and someone can review the data when the device returns to the office.
Not only does that give them grounds for defense but may result in legal action for invasion of privacy. What if the spouse’s movements are reported on and she hasn’t given her permission? It also had a phone and a camera which bothered me slightly, knowing that they could be listening.
For example taxi drivers are tracked because now you can use apps and track your ordered cars . You can watch your videos via the interactive map and player which displays the GPS information right beside the video.
At just 5.2 ounces the ContourGPS boasts a sublime combination of hands free camera and GPS in the smallest and lightest wearable camera on the market - so light, in fact, that you forget that you are wearing it. Sound is often neglected by other helmet camera manufacturers but Contour went out of it's way to make sure you get quality audio with with your beautiful footage.
There are pros and cons for both types but a connected device is the more popular choice because it gives employers the ability to act quickly on time-critical information, such as knowing who is closest to an ad-hoc job and can respond faster. What if the driver is at a mosque and this location is reported… is theis a breach of his religous freedom, or if he visits a medical clinic… is this a breach of his privacy?
So on one hand it is legal on the other hand it could be illegal if your employee is seller and you want to track him in shop. Combined with dual laser alignment, rotatable lens and support for the Contour Connect View wireless app that turns your smartphone into a camera controller and preview screen, you have the most sophisticated helmet camera available.
Department of Defense's GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System), also known as NAVSTAR. You may want the highest frame rates possible so switch to 720p at 60fps for butter smooth motion with minimal blur.
You not only get video with the ContourGPS, you can use it as a still frame action camera as well.

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