If you’ve ever wondered how to find your local Social Security office, the Social Security Administration has a great office locator tool. Regular readers are aware of my Social Security, a way to create your own personal, pin and password secured, account to access your own Social Security information whether you receive monthly benefits yet or not. Today a Social Security Administration press release announced that now you can replace your Medicare card through your personal my Social Security account. Since 2003 I have served as the Social Security Public Affairs Specialist, essentially a teacher about Social Security, for all of North Dakota and western Minnesota.
Investment Advice offered through Cogent Advisory Group, LLC a Registered Investment Advisor and a separate entity from LPL Financial. A: This depends on computer processing dates during the month, your payment date and when you contact Social Security to report the change. A: The SSA-1099 tax form is mailed each January to everyone receiving Social Security benefits.

But the Social Security Administration building on Congress Avenue in suburban West Palm Beach has been shut down for more than three months.A  Customers have been left with unanswered questions. Direct deposit is the term for electronically sending your benefit payment directly to your financial institution. For tax purposes, it shows the total amount of benefits received by you from Social Security in the previous year.
A: When needed, benefit verification letters prove the amount of your Social Security or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) income for any purpose whether you are applying for a mortgage loan, heating assistance or something else.
The Contact 5 Investigators are getting answers and discovered it's more than just a routine closure. They've had to do business at other locations, like Delray Beach, where they're facing long waits and long lines that surround the perimeter of the building. While customers haven't been allowed inside the Congress Ave location, construction crews have.

The Contact 5 Investigators discovered it's not your typical renovation project going on inside. Back in November, some of the government workers claimed the building was making them sick. They were reportedly complaining of side effects like headaches and breathing problems.A  Some of them even had to call 911 from inside the building.

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