The $50 plan has unlimited talk, text and first 1 GB of 4G LTE data (previously was 500 MB). The $60 plan has unlimited talk, text and first 3 GB of 4G LTE data (previously was 2.5 GB). The $70 plan has unlimited talk, text and first 5 GB of 4G LTE data (previously data were unthrottled). The $70 monthly plan used to be truly unlimited so it’s good that customers which are on this plan are grandfathered.
The $30 All You Need Straight Talk plan supplies users with 1,000 minutes nationwide, 1,000 texts or picture messages also nationwide, 30 megabytes of data and no-extra-charge directory assistance.
As far as minutes and text are concerned, with this deal, approximately, users get to talk around 33 minutes and to send 33 text messages per day.
Users can refill straight talk minutes in two ways: automatic refill and by purchasing a refill card every 30 days. By purchasing Straight Talk refill card (buy straight talk minutes online on their website or at Walmart), you will add 30 days of service. First, you will have Straight Talk coverage, covered by Verizon Wireless – the most reliable network, so if you know that you can relay on your phone, this certainly counts for something, right? T-Mobile has made a very smart marketing move by offering kids ride free on the family plan. T-Mobile, who still has the nicest brand color palette on the market, has locked up the phrase “The Family Network” with its logo in print advertising in NY, yet the website still publishes “Stick Together” as the corporate line. I learned a trick from ad agency president Brendan Ryan many moons ago that has contributed mightily to my brand planning framework.  Mr. Computer Sciences just announced a merger with the call center and enterprise services businesses of HP Enterprise (recently split off from the HP computer business). My mobile phone isn’t smart and I have to triple-tap, but it would have blown my mind in junior high. Anyway, when I got that first cell phone I signed up for a monthly plan, and I stayed with it for the next ten years. I’m in the UK and I have a T-mobile Pulse (just upgraded from a Sony Ericsson W710i which was 3 or 4 years old).
A word of warning, do not sign up to have your existing phone plan use google voice as your voice mail service. My husband has a worldphone for international travel so I have the basic triple tap phone added onto his plan so that we can call each other for free. My husband also has a 4G iPhone (there are 5 in our house, the other ones are test phones for my husbands’s work). I am hoping to upgrade to the 4G but even a swim in the ocean won’t kill this things. The mobile phone industry in Canada is highway robbery, so not having a phone saves a pile of money! I did this for a while, and it was great, we have a home phone with OOMA so we don’t pay a monthly fee on it, it works through the high speed internet. I dont need a GPS, ipod, Nintindo DS, dvd player or even a laptop – my phone does it all (plus it makes calls!). All in all, I understand the appeal of pay as you go, but I don’t think it would be right for us. Also, despite the fact that I called customer support, my phone still shows up on Caller ID as Luis Gonzalez, and I still get spanish-speaking people calling me, and my Spanish is not good enough to figure it out.
My tracfone runs me approx 6 bucks a month, but more important than the monthly cost is my replacement costs.
My husband has a Blackberry through his work and I’m not really a big phone talker so I {and my 16 year old} use pay as you go too.
If you click the link I included above, you’ll see the various prepay options from T-Mobile.
One thing not brought up in this discussion is what we are doing to the land when we are continually buying and then throwing out our technology (computuers, cell phones, etc.) According to the NYTimes we acutally ship our tech. Also, because I’m traveling a lot, I use the GPS and the Google Maps features…Seattle is way to confusing for an old fashioned map!
I have a smarttalk phone (not the cheapest but just up from there it was 39 bucks) from walmart.
I love my iPhone, I use it for everything, keeping my calendar, lists, texting, photos, podcasts, look up stuff, even for work.
Some of the changes are good like more data for the same price but some of them are downgrading like throttling data that ones were truly unlimited. The $30 monthly plan includes 100 voice minutes, unlimited text and first 5 GB at up to 4G speeds.
They can keep unlimited unthrottled data as long as they keep their service active or don’t switch plans.
There are no roaming charges within your chosen network (Verizon network, AT&T…) and free calls to 411 are available.

For an average user, that spends reasonable time on the phone talking and sending messages, this is more than enough. In first case, user will need to register credit or debit card at Straight Talk’s web site that will be charged every 30 days. Again, this means that you cannot add more minutes to it by purchasing a new refill card in the meantime. This feature makes it possible to add several cards at a time and to choose when the service kicks, depending on the plan type.
The main idea of the prepaid industry is to save money and control your expenses but still to be able to have enough freedom to stay in touch with people that you love and need so this plan actually helps a lot in that term.
Users are mostly happy with Straight Talk phones and plans if their customer service and support is left out. And carving out a space as the “family” network is quite doable, but it will take more than one price promotion and some cutting and pasting.
I’m not sure what they will call the entity but wouldn’t be surprised if it was named Computer Sciences.
Good question.  As someone who worked at advertising agencies and made mistakes I know what it’s like to get reamed out.
Since we weren’t spending time shopping, I had time to look carefully at our regular monthly bills. We also have a home phone now because where we live a home phone with internet service costs us less than internet alone. I text a *lot* and occasionally ring people (30 second calls to give information, not chatting). We went with Tracphone, and because we bought the phones online, we get double-the-minutes per purchase automatically (instead of having to buy a $20 card that gives you the same benefit), so our bill will be running around $8-9 per month. I despise talking on the phone and that thought of people being able to call me wherever I am and texting me (I don’t do IM either) gives me the weeby-geebies. We do have the cheapest plan we could get, though–around $40 a month for both of our phones combined. The calendar with alerts sinked to my comuputer really helps me keep track of everyone’s schedule.
I spend about $7 a month as well – I think it could be less if we bought the 1 year card with 800 minutes. Once our contract ran out (which turned out to be SIXTY-SEVEN DOLLARS A MONTH with taxes and fees), we switched to a PAYG plan and now spend about $16 a month. I have a net 10 phone, but I only use it for traveling and when I am meeting up with someone.
We split the cost and the minutes but because those are the people I call the most and their on Verizon those minutes aren’t taken away from our monthly budget of time.
I was getting work calls on my personal cell at the time and I finally put down my foot and went to my boss and said I need a cell!! I started with Tracphone several years ago and then switched to Net10 when I needed a new phone. Once I got married, my wife and I used the phone significantly less… it was crazy to keep $80+ monthly fees when less than 100 minutes a month was plenty. My phone is super old, I got it from my sister-in-law when my phone went through the washing machine. With 3 kids in school, being on the PTO and room mom, and working full-time, I like to be reachable at all times. T-Mobile adds more data to its $50 and $60 monthly plans while at the same time, data on its previously truly unlimited $70 plan are now throttled after 5GB.
This plan works only with phones purchased at Walmart or those activated on T-Mobile’s website. So in case that you were wondering who might be the best cell phone provider around, that offers good phone deals and affordable cell phone plans, why wouldn’t you consider a Straight Talk, subsidiary of TracFone and it’s amazing no contract prepaid plans. Voice mail, caller id, call waiting are included too and also, users will benefit from same CDMA or GSM coverage as Verizon or AT&T contract plan users would but at half the price. However, in the meantime, if some users learn that they need more time than that, they can easily switch to a Straight Talk Unlimited plan for $45. If you have unlimited plan, the service kicks in on the last day of service and if not, you can choose when the service kicks in by managing your plan online.
So, there is a model appropriate for everybody’s pockets and needs in terms of features available. If you Compare it to Straight Talk unlimited plan for $45, or any other prepaid provider that offers similar deals like Sprint, for example whose subsidiary’s Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile and their plans as Beyond Talk or Shrinkage plan are very competitive, you will notice few things. So for those users that stay in touch but in a more moderate manner, $30 All You Need Straight Talk Plan offers more than enough minutes, texts, picture messages and data usage to feel free but not to pay for something that users do not use or need. People are disappointed and annoyed in most cases if they have any problem with their phones because they are kept waiting for too long on the phone, users can not understand the person on the other side and in general, can hardly get any help.
I know what it’s like to make thousand dollar mistakes. I have scar tissue on my back from run-ins with creative people.

How did I spend the first twenty years of my life without something that seems so essential now?
I noticed I wasn’t talking on the phone that much, but I was spending $40 a month for it. I top up ?10 each month, which I get to keep as credit, and that gives me unlimited texts for a month. I have an older Nokia phone with no bells and whistles, but I like it and have no plans to upgrade as long as it works. My GPS took me to the wrong destination the other day, I was able to check my email to get the phone number of the place I was trying to go, otherwise I would have had to go home and skip the event. I have mine for a very specific purpose – so my elderly Mum can reach me wherever I am. I don’t like the idea of people calling (or texting) all the time, so I just do not give out my number freely.
Like others have said, I call the phone company once a year or so to see if they will discount my home phone so that I can get a better rate. I’m getting ready to replace it (I’m eligible for an upgrade) and feel completely lost because I am so cell phone inept! I use about 200 texts but last month used up the talk minutes as I don’t have long distance on my home phone.
However, the option of truly unlimited data still exists but costs customers $80 per month.
Straight Talk plan with unlimited everything for $45 for month of service and the other is All You Need $30, 1,000-minute Straight Talk plan that we will take a closer look at, right now. However, keep in mind that when you want to enroll, do not do it before your next card is due because you will be charged again even if you have just added the refill card. In case that you spend all your minutes before expiry date, you simply will not be able to make calls any more so the good thing about it is that you will never be surprised with large and unexpected bills.
However, since this feature is, as said, pretty new, it is important to inform yourself properly. So this is something that is reality, so if you are lucky to avoid any initial problems with your phone, you will be more than satisfied with your Straight Talk plan and phone as well.
I already anticipate when my children become mobile teenagers I will have one then for them to easily keep in touch with me.
My husband does have a Blackberry, but it was free (a hand-me-down from a family member) and he uses it a lot for work. Fortunately my 4th and last child never did that but then I didn’t spend near as much time on the phone when he was younger being a single mom and only one income.
I could save more money if I got the 30$ card or one of the more expensive ones, but i don’t have the money right now. Like the time in the tile store where I showed the mgr the same product for 40% less and they just gave me that price. A very select group have my number and with call display and voice mail I only have to answer it if I want. That is because you cannot carry over the minutes or messages and you cannot extend your service period beyond 30 days. I am going to be one of those old women who tell their grandchildren about life before cell phones and personal computers. Or used the AAA app to find a hotel on a road trip or Where Kids Eat Free for a vacation dinner. It works great because all of my family and friends have AT&T, so I only pay $1 to talk as much as I want to them. My daughter has a little nicer Motorola phone on the same plan and hers is $15 a month too. If I was a stay at home mom or didn’t have minor kids I could live with a pay as you go easily. Your time is reset to 1000 minutes each renewal and this also applies when you add refill card. It has also been a life saver for my sanity- I let my kids play a letters game when I am out & need to get something done. We have to decide if it is a useful tool for us and exactly how it can help us in our lives. Most of the time I just have my phone turned off and just keep it in the car for emergencies. We don’t have a landline and I use my work phone in the off chance I have to call someone during the day.

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