The W660 is a 3G phone available in Record Black and Rose Red color and comes with 512MB Memory Stick Micro (M2). Of late it has been noticed that Blackberry smart-phones and Blackberry mobile operating system have taken momentum in the market, owing to a large chunk of mobile operating systems’ pie.  In fact, as per reports of surveys by several organizations, Blackberry is the third most loved mobile operating system after Android and iOS. Well, this Blackberry’s growth phenomenon is not just limited to Canada – the country of its origin or in the United States.
Here in this post, we’ll take you through the in-and-out of Blackberry smart-phones, the USPs of Blackberry, its pros & cons and brief review of few blackberry phones that would fit best in your pocket and budget. Either it be emails, instant messages or notifications from your social networks like Twitter or Facebook, blackberry pushes all your data onto your phone within seconds.
Believe it or not, blackberry phones have got the best ‘hardware’ QWERTY keyboard making it easy for email and messaging addicts to easily communicate with their peer. Unlike several other popular mobile OS, Blackberry smart-phones have the capability of true multi-tasking. I do agree that you’ll have to pay a fixed monthly charge for accessing emails and using Internet on your mobile device.
If you love using your phone as a multi-media device and often need it for playing games, recording videos or listening to the music, then Blackberry will probably disappoint you a bit, as it lacks capabilities to be used as a robust multi-media device and also doesn’t have as many games as iOS and Android! There are handsets from manufacturers like Samsung and HTC with cameras ranging from 8 MP to 12 MP but surprisingly the best camera on any Blackberry device yet is a mere 5 MP camera.
Blackberry Curve are the basic entry level blackberry phones and comes in 3 GSM models with slight variations among each of them. This is the entry-level blackberry handset available currently, with basic features such as a 2 MP Camera, dedicated volume rockers and multi-media keys for moving music back and forth. Latest entrant in the Blackberry Curve family and has features at par to the Blackberry Bold. As you can guess, Blackberry Bold 4 is the successor of Bold 3 and has several improved features like touch capabilities, bigger screen size, latest Blackberry V 7.0 OS. Should you have any other questions relating to blackberry phones, do not hesitate to drop a line below and we’ll be happy to help you out.
BlackBerry has recently announced its latest smartphone called BlackBerry Monaco Touch that comes with impressive list of specifications.

There is 3.7 inches of capacitive touchscreen display in the phone that delivers good content quality thanks to its high resolution support of up to 480 X 800 pixels.
For capturing all your special moments in form of good quality images, BlackBerry Monaco Touch comes equipped with 5 MP camera with Auto Focus and LED Flash. The internal memory of the phone is 4GB and its microSD card slot facilitates expansion of the external memory. Samsung is launching super awesome mobile phone in galaxy series, its new Samsung Galaxy S3. HTC HD7 : HTC HD7 was launched in india few months ago, but all of a sudden it got disappeared. Samsung Galaxy s3 After the success of Samsung Galaxy s and Samsung Galaxy S2, samsung is expected to launch Galaxy S3, with advanced hardware like qual-core processor, 12 megapixels camera, 3D screen and with advance android OS version. Google Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G has Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, comes with all new lock screen, applications and other UI. 2 megapixel camera, Windows Mobile® 6 Professional with Direct Push keeps you always up to date with your emails, calendar appointments, and contacts. Like Sony Ericsson Walkman phones, the W660 also features TrackID, allows quick identification of the track, artist and album. Even in India, more than 80% of elite Indian businessmen, bollywood celebs, cricketers and politicians are found using a Blackberry Smartphone. On top of it, Blackberry has something called ‘unified inbox’ that gathers all your emails, instant messages and other notifications in a single inbox. Implies that you can easily switch between apps without having to close and start over once again! And, as discussed earlier, they are primarily different from Curve range in respect of their keyboard and looks.
They come in 3 versions or models namely Torch 9800, 9810 & 9860 with little variations and upgrades. Can not say about the price right-now, but we can expected phones with such configurations in future. It can read RSS feeds, access web pages using the built-in full HTML web browser, and ofcource gives users a Photo blogging option.

One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of Blackberry mobiles in India is the fact that the Blackberry prices in India is not as prohibitive as that of Apple products while it provides a certain exclusivity as is not too low to be used by the drivers and maids. Specialties of BBM over any other instant messenger like Gtalk or AIM is, you can track when did the recipient of the message received and read your message.
Basically the specs of Blackberry Curve 9360 are similar to that of Blackberry Bold 2 9870 but the major difference is the keyboard build.
There are currently 2 models of Bold that are officially produced and marketed by RIM – Bold 9780 and Bold 9900, also called as Bold 3 & Bold 4 respectively. Italian fashion label Prada and LG will launch LG PRADA K2 which would probably have dual core processor and 4.3 inch Nova screen.
Roumers says it would have 4 inch screen, IGZO (indium, gallium, zinc) displays that Hitachi and Sony are working on.
The Sony Ericsson W660 sports a 2 MP camera, an FM radio, and a Bluetooth connectivity support.
Mobile operators too, are trying to woo its customers with TV commercials dedicated to Blackberry smart-phones like the Blackberry Boys TVC from Vodafone India and Blackberry Messenger TVC by Airtel. Smart, isn’t it?Though several other cross-platform instant messaging apps like WhatsApp has cropped up in the market, none of them have managed to beat the popularity and ease of use, of Blackberry messenger yet! Should be best fit for you if you are looking for a cheap blackberry device and do not click lots of pics. Curve models have keys separated from each other whereas bold models have keys that overlap one above another. It would fit the best when you are out and you need to access internet or to check your mails.

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