1 Introduction Welcome to Boost Mobile ® So what’s applications currently available and purchase these options online. Windows Phone 8.1 is just around the corner, but before that, Microsoft held one last event where it highlighted its mobile strategy post-Nokia purchase and offered hints on what Windows Phone fans should expect in the future in terms of new features and functionality for their favorite mobile platform. The 2014 Microsoft Windows Phone and enterprise mobility summit held in London early this month had various speakers, including ex-Nokia Chris Webber, now with Microsoft, and IDC's John Delaney. The good news is that the same survey has revealed that there's an increasing trend where employees refuse to use their own smartphones for work. Beside the two speakers, Microsoft also brought in some of the more recent acquisitions in terms of enterprise customers, such as BT, Ricoh and Cambridgeshire Police Constabulary.
We have already reported on the latter institution, which has recently announced that it has decided to switch from BlackBerry to Windows Phone. Other interesting information provided by Microsoft's officials includes the fact that Windows Phone Store now has more than 255,000 applications.

Mobile phone users do everything on their phones, including chatting, studying, and even shopping. With the growth of mobile technology, more people will use their phones than computers to get online. According to Google Mobile Planet, 20% of smartphone users purchase on a daily basis, while 14% do so a weekly basis. 67% of wealthy smartphone users shop on their devices and 63% regularly buy products and services.
According to Adobe Digital Marketing Insights, tablet users spend over 50% more per purchase at online retailers when compared with smartphone visitors, and 20% more when compared with traditional laptop and desktop visitors. According to Localeze and 15miles, tablet owners are the most active local searchers with 64% using their devices at least weekly for local searches and 86% making a purchase from their most recent tablet-based local search. This graph looks at some of the trends of smartphone shopping behaviour depending on which store the person in question is frequenting.

This means that Bring Your Own Device initiative does not seem to have too many adherents among the employees anymore. That is why we have been slow to progress our mobility roll-out from a smartphone handset perspective in the same way we have rolled out slates and laptops,” said Ian Bell, head of ITC at Cambridgeshire Constabulary. Half of them make purchases at least monthly, with almost 80% spending more than $100 on mobile phone transactions in the past year, and 25% spending in excess of $1,000.
Event tickets (39%), gift cards (29%), and food and electronics (both 27%) are the top purchase categories. Tilak on 1st february,2013 committed that they will give me a new phone on 4th February,2013.Today it is 10th february,2013 and till my phone is with them and they have not given me any response.

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