T-Mobile introduced on Wednesday a new financing plan for purchasing devices over an extended period, as well as a price reduction for one of its smartphone plans.
With T-Mobile’s new layaway plan, customers make an upfront down payment on a particular smartphone, with the amount varying depending on the model. Additionally, T-Mobile is expected to announce a $20 price drop for its mid-tier smartphone plans, according to information obtained by CNET.
T-Mobile's data chart offers a breakdown of a sample plan, and savings compared to other carriers.

The plan includes unlimited monthly minutes, SMS messages and data, with escalating prices for larger caps on high-speed data access.
T-Mobile also takes the lead of many lower-cost cellular services like Metro PCS with its installment plan. Sprint is railing against the deal, which would place Verizon squarely in second place for nationwide wireless services, marginalizing Sprint’s market presence. The lower rate wireless plans will come with the usual stipulation of agreeing to a two-year contract.

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