As there are no real facts about how the government can use your GPS or Location based electronics (like your cell phone) to spy on you the internet is abound with rumors, conspiracies and theories exactly about how it is done.
One of the most powerful federal surveillance organizations in the United States is called Carnivore, which is also called DCS-1000. A similar organization that is a joint spy venture operated by Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom monitors international communications through computers, GPS units and cell phones. Similar eavesdropping, surveillance and location tracking software is the DragonWare Suite, Omnivore, Cyber Knight and Dragon net that can monitor everything from your general income and expenses to your personal information such as your SIN, SSN or driver's license to credit card numbers to your location on the earth at any time.

Remotely spy on someone cell phone text messages, GPS locations, calls, Facebook, Viber and Whatsapp conversations, passwords and more!
Everybody can DOWNLOAD FREE CELL PHONE TRACKER ONLINE to locate anyone everywhere and instantly !
Echelon has it's own unique network of signal capturing antenna and satellite dishes and also consistently monitors the Internet.
All , textos, chat, SMS, text messages, contacts, notes, call logs are saved and sent to the account and only you have access.

It sits hidden inside your phone or GPS unit and transmits information about your location, contacts or anything back to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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