Plug into your favourite station when youa€™re on the go with the phonea€™s built-in FM radio. The Onetouch 20.45 is hooked up to Sparka€™s 3G network, so you can get to your favourite sites, fast. If youa€™ve seen a phone you really, really like, you dona€™t have to pay for it all at once. A smart and powerful 13MP rear camera does the job indoors, at night or in low light conditions.
A big, clear 5a€? screen with rich, true-to-life colour and exceptional contrast for all your photos, video and favourite online places. Do more with the latest version of Googlea€™s mobile operating system a€“ ita€™s full of new tools and improvements so you get the best out of your phone.

Use the small screen on the flipside of the phone to keep an eye out for texts, incoming calls, battery life and more. Plug into your favourite tunes when youa€™re on the go with the phonea€™s built-in music player. Please ensure that the person you have named to pick-up the order shows one of the following forms of ID: New Zealand Driver licence Passport18+ cardYou can select the click & collect store when you check out.
The Galaxy J5 has a whole 5a€? for you to enjoy, two great cameras plenty of battery life and the latest Android software.
Use Smart Manager to control how much power youa€™re using and Ultra Power Saving mode to shut down unnecessary functions. Put simply, that means wherever our 4G network is available across NZ, youa€™ll be able to hook into it.

The Alcatel Onetouch 20.67 covers all the essentials you need and puts them right at your fingertips.
Just join any Pay Monthly plan, and if the cost of the phone is $199 and over, you can pay it off over a year or two on your Spark bill.

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