With all of the carriers, manufacturers and models out there, getting a new phone can be dizzying.
If you don't need the latest and greatest phone in your life, think about which features you can eliminate and look for cheap options on sites like Wirefly. The Android-powered Galaxy S incorporates a 4-inch Super AMOLED screen and a 1 GHz application processor that enables vibrant HD videos, rich augmented reality content through Layar Reality Browser, and advanced LBS (Location Based Services). The Galaxy S is designed to provide immersive, intelligent and integrated experiences, with the power to enrich people’s lives through best-in-class services and technologies. It is  not surprising that using cell phones can be hazardous to your health -even deadly- . Researchers perused a large federal-level database that documented ER visits from 2004-2010 of Americans whose injuries were pedestrian in nature and then deducted which percentages were cell-phone use induced and related from there. As the years progressed links to injuries reported via the ER with cell phone use doubled from 2004 to 2010 with the highest rates being 1,506 in the final year they studied. Individuals under 31 were more likely to sustain injuries from using their cell phones while walking.
Those individuals ages 21-25 reported the most incidents and injuries cause by pedestrian cell phone use.
Men were the gender that suffered the most reported injuries sustained while using cell phones and walking.
As for what actions should be taken to prevent injuries from occurring in people who text and drive or talk on their cell phone while they walk- study author Nasar suggests bringing more awareness to the public.

Some of the components of the phone may have been replaced, but the phones usually come with a good warranty. The company offers a wide selection of models, and you can easily compare them no matter which carrier you have.
Many companies don't like to see their existing customers go, and may offer discounts that are too good to pass up. The large 4-inch Super AMOLED display delivers unrivalled screen quality, with less reflection, free viewing angles and super-fast touch-response.
With a user-defined daily briefing, lightning-fast processing speeds and location-based search options like Layar Reality Browser – the Galaxy S gives users the information they need wherever and whenever needed. In addition to wireless integration with a variety of other devices, such as notebooks, TVs and cameras, the highly advanced Social Hub plugs users quickly and conveniently into their complete world of social networking and email.
New Sprint Phones – LG updated a good and very popular phone with three or four nice improvements for the same price. A recent study performed on the hazards of  cell phone use claims that more than 1,500 Americans were seen in emergency rooms in 2011 as a direct result of injuries acquired by talking or texting on their cell phones while walking. Researchers did not include any deaths that they found, however Nasar reported that pedestrians who use cell phones while walking on public streets are more likely to risk injuries by run-ins with vehicles.
However on this note he also does not think that the same harsh actions  taken for driving and texting, should be enforced by laws that prohibit walking and using a cell phone. At a very young age she discovered her passion for writing, and graduated in 1996 from Florida State University with a major in journalism and minor in Nursing.

There's a stigma about refurbished phones, but they are generally backed by the company that's selling them, and will perform all your phone functions for less. When talking to new carriers, explain that you are already with another company and ask what they can do to convince you to switch over. The LG Rumor 2 is perfect for my sister and I bet more are sold by sprint this year than HTC Pro or Palm Pre. She is a licensed RN part-time and also works full-time writing for various local health journals and papers. It creates a perfect environment to record, edit and play HD video, to browse the Internet, and to read your favorite e-books. A variety of applications from Android Market? allows users to even more extend the benefits and excitement of smart phone experience. Not only does her experience and passion show through her keen writing, but her expertise in the medical field enables her to capture the best news topics and subjects found in the health niche. Plus, users have access to Google? mobile services, such as Google Search, Gmail, and Google Maps.

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