Some CD-50s had special firmware containing sample names(of real BT employees) for demo purposes.
It appears to have very limited distribution, so you'reunlikely to find it cheaper unless it makes it onto Tottenham Court Roador similar.
The names of the basicmodels start with a 'B' followed by the number of memories - 30, 72,80, 99. This list of Caller ID boxes is pretty rudimentary at the moment - I've just started it to try and take the pressure off the FAQ, as this is not what the FAQ is really about.
I'd try this in preference to any BT box bar the CD-60 or 2000 - if you have problems seeing the Betacom's screen,take advantage of Argos' 14-day money back guarantee.
These and possibly some of thoseused in the name and number trials found their way into the retail marketand surprised some people by occasionally spitting out random names.

The European version, the D55-EURnow has a (unique?) 24 digit display for international Caller ID, and afew extra features like Ring Back Caller ID.  This looks a very neatdevice if you can find it and if the price is reasonable - anyone seenit in the UK? BTseem happy to swap them, especially as they tend to be the older, lessreliable ones and the employees were getting hacked off with the phonecalls they received from curious CD-50 owners!
Fanstel) claim that their kit is 'Designed to work with Bellcore FSK, ETSI FSK, and every DTMF CallerID interface in the world.' Despite this, they feel the need to offer special European versions of most of their boxes with multi-language support and the correct date format.
The North American version, the G72,is also multilingual, has a Call Waiting ID version, and has a large (80mmx37mm)backlit display.
In addition, it appears to be the only Fanstelbox with a name-to-number matching facility - this is only 30 memoriesand the call list is only 30 long as well.
Unfortunately, aside from Rocom, the most informative online shops for these things are no longer with us, so I'd welcome news of anywhere with a good choice of these boxes.

I've not seen them in this country, but they areone of the few manufacturers recommended by Telewest. The F121Palso has half the call memories you would expect, but it can page you withdetails of missed calls.
All have 3 line displays and sport voicemail waiting indicators, but I doubt this will work in the UK?

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