The Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 GC200 incorporates a 1.6GHz quad core processor that powers its camera and social networking apps.
The Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 GC200 lets you review and edit your photos on its 4.8inch HD Super Clear Touch Display. The Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 GC200 can instantly capture professional like images with it smart features. You can control this camera with your NFC enabled smartphone, and use it as a viewfinder to preview photos, adjust camera settings, zoom in and out, and frame each scene, wirelessly.

Group Share feature on the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 GC200 simultaneously sends images to four people on their individual smart devices. The Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 GC200’s automatically shoots five high resolution, 20MP self portrait images in a row with its Selfie Alarm mode.
The Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 GC200’s Story Album function enables you to display, create, and print photo albums in an instant. Its Smart Mode features various special modes like Action Freeze, Drama Shot, Light Trace, Multi Exposure, and Sound and Shot that record the perfect footage with each click.

You can view the footage on your Smart TV or transfer them to any compatible smartphone with just one touch. The technology reframes, resizes, and organizes photos into timelines to create digital photo books.

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