The 1991 federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act and FCC rules adopted to implement the law give consumers a way to reduce unsolicited telephone marketing calls.
The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are now sharing responsibility for enforcing the National Do-Not-Call list. The national registry prevents telephone solicitations made for commercial purposes only, and will not prevent telephone solicitations made by a tax-exempt nonprofit organization, for example, for charitable or political purposes.
Law approved by the state legislature in 2000 directs the Attorney General to establish a Missouri No-Call List of residential telephone numbers of Missourians who do not want to be called by telemarketers. Model No: Q610b With caller ID and call waiting display, you'll know who's calling even when you're on the phone. Recommended Buying GuidesSee all guidesWhy spend thousands of dollars buying a Business Phone System? Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.
If you have difficulty charging or operating your cordless expansion headset, please download the user manual available below in the Product Details section, and see trouble shooting tips available beginning on page 27.

Means that if the phone is not hung up well (both in handset or speakerphone mode) and if this function is set to on the phone will hang up automatically allowing an incoming call. Note:Only the talking functions LCD backlight and Alarm will not work if there are no batteries. All other functions will work without batteries even the LCD display will show the caller ID number at all times… Memories and Caller ID numbers are backed up for life without batteries. The federal rules require a person or entity placing live telephone solicitations to your home to maintain a record of your request not to receive future telephone solicitations from that caller.
The FCC now requires all telecommunications carriers that provide Local Exchange Service to notify their subscribers of their rights as they relate to the Do-Not-Call rules.
Also, the registry will not prevent calls from companies with whom you may have an established business relationship. Such an established business relationship also exists on the basis of a consumer inquiry regarding a company’s products or services within three (3) months immediately preceding the date of a telephone solicitation and which has not been previously terminated by either the consumer or the company.
The law prohibits telemarketers from calling households that have been added to the list, with some exceptions that have been written into the law.

And also when you are on the phone, call waiting display will tell you who's calling at the same time. It has redefining long-range coverage and clarity with a unique antenna design and advances in noise-filtering technology. The caller must keep the record of your do-not-call request for ten years from the time of your request and may not make further telephone solicitations to your home. The rules do not apply to calls placed to business telephone numbers or by tax-exempt nonprofit organizations.

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