South Common Community Centre offers fitness memberships and a Pay-As-You-Go day fee option. Get the scoop on facility & service status, events and promos through our Facebook Feed below. The installation of a new pool dehumidification unit to make your on-deck and in-water experience more comfortable. Improvements to the hot tub include the installation of stronger water jets for a more therapeutic experience. Upgrades to the pool, change room and shower areas include new change room floor and wall tiles, improved lighting, fresh acoustic panels for better on-deck sound quality and a new water feature adding a modern touch to your leisure pool.

South Common has a 25 metre hourglass shaped leisure pool with wide stairs and a ramp for easy access, on-deck and enclosed viewing galleries and a 16 person whirlpool. South Common Gymnasium offers a variety of recreation opportunities including basketball, volleyball, badminton and indoor soccer. We offer rental spaces across the city for meetings, social events, parties, sporting events, training sessions and so much more. Numerous other activities such as Yoga, group fitness, and dance classes are also available as stand alone registration programs.
Attend one of our workshops and learn tips and techniques to help you achieve your fitness goals.

This unit will help us better manage the high humidity and temperatures that often occur in a pool environment and improve our long term costs with energy efficiencies. The installation of a high efficiency boiler will ensure the water is heated consistently to a comfortable temperature. There's even a year round Walking Club that uses the local walking pathways and nature trails.

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