Get your message in front of your existing and potential customers with this promotional soccer ball phone holder stress ball and increase your business. The standard delivery time for this product is 2-3 days plain stock, 2-3 weeks printed however if you need them printed really quickly you could have them in under 5 working days on our express service!
We deliver worldwide fast and our packing department can meet any of your specific packing requirements. Promotional Smartphone Holder Stress Armchair, a chair shaped stress toy that also functions as a mobile phone holder, suitable for most mobile phones and smart phones, including the iPhone (not iPhone 6 or 6 Plus). Please leave us with a couple of details below and one of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.
The small cut beneath the iPhone allows easy access to the phone's button and enough space to plug it in.

Usually we would dispatch your order by Royal Mail 48 hours service, but some heavy items are dispatched by other courier services, Interlink Express for example.
Photo and review of cell phone, smartphone, iphone, ipod, laptop, cup and universal holder.
Many motorists choosing a car holder for their mobile phone, can not decide on its model and mounting options. Considering the the phone holder having a clamping mechanism, it can be noted a special way of fixing.
If there is a holder in your car, you do not need to constantly worry about whether the phone does not ring at a crucial moment, because it will be securely locked in this small and friendly design in which case you can quickly lose a call instantly turn on the speakerphone.
Due to constantly changing phone sizes we always recommend a sample to ensure it fits your current model.

In order to make the right choice, you should examine all information relating to the characteristics of the holders and mounting options. Each hand is equipped with the pad made ??of porous rubber structure that does not allow mechanical fastening act on the phone. Typically such mobile car holder is made of plastic or rubber and has a powerful magnet mounted in the inner part.

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