Debenhams is the most popular British multinational retailer which trades out of 240 stores across 28 countries worldwide. The products of the company includes fashion clothing, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, electrical, gifts, home & furniture and toys. The customers can use the below given contact details to get in touch with the company for enquiries, barriers, problems, feedbacks, suggestions, and to be assisted with proper service and support. This will provide you with the information for the return and the refund policies of the company. They do take cheques by post, just not in store, but otherwise you can pay by debit card or cash, direct debit or standing order, over the phone or online, or in your bank or post office. I’m writing to you regarding my experience I had on the 28 November in the debenhams branch at the high cross shopping centre Leicester.
I was browsing in the toys department When I picked up a scalextric retailing at ?90 which was reduced to ?45 then subsequently reduced again to only ?15 which did sound obsense but it was black friday weekend. The store manager did arrive after some time & then went away to check similar items on the next floor which could have been easily achieved in under 5 minutes.
I carried out the rest of my shopping in the high cross shopping centre & I managed to get the item at John Lewis. I emailed you earlier today concerning two watches seen as you can’t send receipt could you send a statement they were purchased October 2015. I purchased a pair of Sketchers Trainers on line Order no 700026974439 and the sole of the shoe started to come away I contacted the on line dept who advised me to take them back to a branch of Debenhams as this could not be dealt with on line .So I did take them to a store very in convenient as that is my reason for using the on line service ! I would like to bring to your attention the disgraceful Customer Service I experienced recently in the Harrow Branch. I am complaining about an account error which has left me with a bill of ?92 which has only just come to my notice today having had no previous knowledge of this having been out of the country for 2 months your customer service dept can find no record of this sale on Oct 8th last yearand a woman in your accounts dept put the phone down on me having been kept on the line for 45 minutes. My husband and I have been Debenham Gold card store holders for many years and have enjoyed discounts on purchases.
I wish to speak to the store manager at Debenhams Colchester, I did yesterday speak to a lady called Emily Young who assured me she would get back to me and she has not. This is about shoes that I purchased on the 20th April 2016 and it concerns my statutory rights under the sale of goods act 1979.
To avoid any further actions on my part at present, I would be obliged if you would call me asap.

We strictly assure that timely deliveries are maintained without any compromise on quality. If you are interested in purchasing Debenhams gift cards in bulk please use the form below to get in touch. Debenhams is operating its e-commerce website in 70 countries being the UK’s 11th biggest online retailer by the volume of traffic. The journey started with the business formed by William Clark in 1778 starting with Drapers store in London.
For this you need to have your order number and the postal code or email address used for ordering the product. Only to be told I had them to long I do not feel less than 6 months for trainers that are not worn all the time to be satisfactory.I then contacted Sketchers who have advised me to contact Debenhams head office as the contract of sale is with you. I brought an item back with my receipt and explained that this was a gift I had bought for someone in Manchester and I had only managed to get your the item back to London. I believe what has been written on my receipt is unlawful and I will speak to the appropriate organisations or revisit the store personally to speak to a manager.
Eugene Fashion has been renowned for its excellent track records of the highest satisfaction of customers, since 1996. We provide them with all kinds of Shirts, T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Dress Pant, Formal Pant, Trouser, and Knitwear. With an excellent team of production, director, merchandisers, and QCs, we are always ready to take any challenge.
The company is among the top four in the field of menswear and womenswear, also being the top 10 in childrenswear.
The partnership between William Debenham and William Clark named as Clark & Debenham started in 1813. The company is headquartered in Regent’s Place , London and is listed on the London Stock Exchange. Apart from the shopping the website provide you all the detail & needed information for the customers. The cashier who served me was very polite & pleasant but unfortunately informed me that the sales ticket on the afore mention scalextric was incorrect. When the manager did finally arrive back my perseption of her attitude was on the boarder line of being rude.

As the saying goes you pay for what you get so it might be a little more expensive in John Lewis but in return a more favourable shopping experience.
This meant that a few days had run past the 28 day return policy but I asked that due to this item being some distance away there was a delay in me receiving it back and could there be some goodwill involved as it was only a difference of 11 days. We believe in keeping the customers happy and always keen to provide them with quality goods at a very competent price.
I spoke to three Managers at Harrow who would not give me my money back and whose attitude’s I found rude.
Our employees will guide you with their best ideas by keeping in constant touch with your company and informing about the market trends. The company was awarded Multichannel Retailer of the year in 2012 at the Oracle Retail Week Awards. The cashier informed me that this was out of her remit so I requested to see the store manager. His option was of the situation was boarder line slander & just about ocused me of changing the labels Myself. I also work for a multi national retailer myself & no that this industry can be very challenging at times but this experience at debenhams yesterday was disgraceful.
I spoke to Customer Service who advised that they did not have any authority to refund my payment and to contact head office customer service, which I did three times I was advised the matter had been referred to Harrow Branch to reconsider. Unfortunately for debenhams they lost at least a ?100 transactions yesterday but in the long term a lot more.
I got this order on the 2 February and on opening the box the same again glass was shattered also I cut my finger Wich it could have been worse.
I have phoned customers service to tell them that the glass was shattered and cut my finger. I have copies of all correspondence and have also sent these today for the attention of Debenhsms Managing Director.

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