Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen, pictured last July, says the IRS uses letters — not phone calls or emails — to contact people. These criminals call taxpayers and insist they must "immediately give up their personal information or make a payment," Koskinen warned. Apparently, it quickly dawned on him that I might not be the right person for his particular brand of tax advice.

I am worried about potential victims out there — especially elderly ones who might not be able to hear or think as clearly as they once did. This is what Koskinen said at the National Press Club: "The last thing you'll ever hear from an IRS agent of any kind is threats that we are about to throw you in jail unless you pay us immediately or put money into a particular account," he said.
Remember that these con artists may know the last four digits of your Social Security number — and try to use that to trick you.

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