All lookup tools on the Web are technically free, but the only information you'll get for free is the ISP (Internet Service Provider) that provides the email address, which is irrelevant in most cases since so many people use email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail instead of the default email provided by their ISP, and depending on the service, you may get some minor information such as the username that person posts as online.
People smart: People Smart is also fairly comprehensive, though maybe not quite as much so as Spokeo.
If you want full contact information, you will have to pay for it, but if it's information you really need, it will probably be worth the price to you, especially since these services aren't all that expensive anyway.
It aggregates information from public sources all over the web to find as much information on people as is publicly available.

For instance, maybe you're getting anonymous spam emails and you'd like to know where they're coming from, or maybe you want to network with someone who has emailed you, and you're looking for more information on that person, such as any social networking profiles they may have.
Email Finder: This is a unique people search website, because unlike most of the general or telephone number specific options available, this site only searches email addresses. Whether it's for either of these reasons or for any other reason, if you need to do an email address search reverse lookup to get someone's contact information using their email address, or even if you need the email address of someone whose name you already have (an old friend you wish you'd never lost touch with, perhaps), there are plenty of useful "people search" lookup tools online that can help you. Keep in mind that privacy is taken pretty seriously on the Internet, just like anywhere else, so these lookup tools are only providing information available from public sources.

Also, if you don't want people looking you up, all of these services will allow you to opt out of their results, but don't forget that even if your information doesn't appear on their site, it still exists in its original form, somewhere on the Web. Always be mindful when providing your information to any public source online, because if it's public, it's visible to anyone.

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