Database management software that helps you to manage employee directories.Employee Phone Directory software for small business. The Simple Tools Phone Directory and In Out Board provides your organisation with both an online Phone Directory and a way for staff to indicate their movements. With the Address and Phone Book, you can enter names and addresses including 4 phone numbers, Birthday, E-Mail Address, Fax Numbers and web page address. Reverse cell phone number directory The Mobile Phone Directory may be the one of the most extensive directory all-around where you are able to search by cell phone number as opposed to by name.

IncrediMail Address Book Converter to convert incredimail address book to Outlook & CSV files. Truecaller is the world's largest collaborative phone directory that makes it easy to get in touch with people across the globe. Client Tracks integrates contact managment with one of the most complete schedulers available. My personal 'Agenda' - This is an address and phone 'agenda', with phone list, birthday listing, search all, automatic phone dialing and several options.

Use IncrediMail Contacts Converter to convert IncrediMail contacts with all fields - Display, Email, first, Last, Address, Phone, Phone 2, Web page.
Just enter a category and location, then do a search and when you get the first data page click the "Start" button and the rest is automatic.

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