Excel address book template - address phone books, This address book template bare-bones interface carry anticipated function , easy address book novice . There are loads of AT&T Cell Phone Directory directories on the net however not all are reliable.
Bin filled with colored balls, socks, or anything at all as long as the content can be sorted, arranged into patterns, and counted! The flashcards may be used during circle time, in your reading and writing area, or to identify your thematic bins. Draw one or several hopscotch designs (depending on the number of children) on the asphalt or floor. During circle time, have the children find the letter and read portions of the interactive story to them. Who want to bring their guns to household fairs, art in the time charge or a yearly membership. Well, look no further: Reverse Phone Lookup is the best and simplest way of finding out the identity of anybody calling!

Perforated Numbers(Open models of perforated numbers) Print, laminate, and perforate the numbers. Have them write numbers in the driveway for parents to see when they return at the end of the day. Next, cut out the remaining numbers and insert strings of different lengths to hang them from the number eight shape. I'm counting worms(Open I'm counting worms) Print, laminate and attach an action to mime behind each apple. This activity may also be done with objects which can be counted (Smarties, grapes, dried fruit, etc.) and divided into two groups.
Examples of questions are: the date of their birthday, their address, their telephone number, their age, the number of fingers or toes they have, etc.
Funny NumberChildren choose a specific number and create a character, animal, or object with it. The other children each have a bag to "shop" in the store (daycare) and purchase items of their choice (toys in the daycare).

Have them dip pieces of chalk (sidewalk chalk or other) into the water and color their number with them.
Help your kindergartener learn his home address and think about why it's important with this cute coloring page.
In the remaining sections, glue pictures of a dog, a mouse, and a rooster (or other animal pictures on hand).
Add three strings in the predetermined holes on the number eight to hang the mobile from the ceiling. When children have the basket in their hands, they must count the objects it contains, name them, and add one before passing it to the next player.

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