Track CIDR blocks as well as arbitrary IP address ranges for categorizing sections of your network. Manage your own custom list of device manufacturers and models that relate to your environment. Track per device configuration archives with the ability to store many entries and compare them usinga syntax highlighting "diff" comparison.
Track "Shared IPs" such as those in use by HSRP, VRRP, CARP and other virtual interfaces that could be associated with multiple hosts at the same time. Support for quickly moving an IP address from one host to another, no need to delete then re-add. Subnets display a quick usage bar indicating a percentage and count of the utilization of that subnetbased on hosts and pool allocations.

A user definable reporting engine to display various sets of information defined for your needs.
Simply allows one OpenNetAdmin installation utilize two seperate sets of database backends that can easily be switched between.
You can assign servers to any number of failover group pairings, then assign the appropriate subnets to those failover groups. You can define your own groups with pre-determined access rights for common tasks such as adding or deleting hosts.
For instance, you can tie an alerting system or any other type of notification to a host to create a message that would be visible if someone selects that device. Host actions are user defined URL links to other applications with primary host name or IP address as part of the URL.

For example, if you have done a search on the subnet name "LAN-%" you can then filter that resulting list further by entering .desktop.
No more re-formating the text in the edit form, simply cut and paste and it will be converted to a consistent format automatically. Currently SQL queries can be written and stored with a simple interface for creating and displaying the results. Currently have parsers for tinydns config files,dhcpd.conf, "show route" commands, nmap scans etc.

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