ORAL DetoxMax PLUS™ concentrate is a combination of EDTA and EPL in a new innovative delivery system. EDTA has been primarily used to detoxify the body of heavy metals and is commonly known and used for clearing the cardiovascular system.
Essential phospholipids (EPL) taken intravenously have shown multiple cardiovascular benefits. A combination of a proprietory blend of essential phospholipid (EPL) and EDTA, is taken orally in an exclusive micro-encapsulation process with microspheres and transports the product through absorption, and delivers numerous cardiovascular and circulatory benefits.
It supplies microsphere encapsulated droplets of disodium EDTA in an essential phospholipid (EPL) delivery system with no diarrhea symptoms and extremely high gastrointestinal assimilation to circulating bloodstream.

There is a slow release of EDTA systematically over a 48 hour + time duration, greatly decreasing the possibility of overloading kidneys with heavy metal toxicity. It is important to remove heavy metals especially mercury which is the most toxic non radioactive element in existence. Until now EDTA has required intravenous (IV infusions) for as long as 3 hours, two or three times per week. Over 100 human clinical trials in Europe and the USA have been performed and determined the following results.
This unique EPL microsphere encapsulation prevents mobilization of heavy metals into the brain.

The purpose of this study was to prove the safety and effectiveness of using disodium EDTA orally in an essential phospholipid (EPL) microsphere delivery system effectively bringing the intestinal barrier for systematic heavy metal detoxification. This process successfully eliminates the possibility of diarrhea and greatly increases the efficiency of the product.

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