Part of the new records available includes street address information, current phone carrier data and other identifying information. The phone records databases that are now available can include more than a first name or last name for a phone owner. The Cell Phone Registry is one example of a telecom company that is helping to improve the security levels of adults using the search services provided.
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This new search function allows immediate lookup of any landline, cell or unpublished number securely online through a private database network. The types of information that is now collected can reveal useful data to someone searching a particular number.

The searches can be useful for verification of social media friend lists, online transactions through classified websites and general lookups to discover information not usually shared online. The reverse phone search annual plan provides a user unlimited access to the database for a one year period of time.
Annual updates have helped this company be positioned as a leader in phone records distribution. The Cell Phone Registry company has added a reverse phone number search system for cell phones. The launch of the new reverse phone number lookup tool online is expected to help adults searching for more useful information attached to U.S.
This company now holds over half a billion phone records and is offering the reverse lookup feature online.

This annual plan is one way that this company is giving back to the community with its phone records data usage. These updates include data taken from public and from private sources to build one of the most complete phone databases now available on the Internet.

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