The former capital of Bali, Singaraja is located in north Bali, in the Lovina area, away from the more popular tourist areas and a scenic three hours drive from the airport. The Old Dutch capital of Bali during the colonial era, Singaraja is a quiet town with some quaint Old Dutch warehouses on the waterfront. Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums. When you reach Lyle Rivas' place, step out of your vehicle and head through the front door. Your pursuers are particularly dangerous because they will shoot at you through the car windows when they have a chance. Head to the internet café marked on your radar, answer Brucie when he calls, and then step inside. There are some side missions related to Brucie, we have information on these on different pages, just follow the links below to go there.
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Singaraja has a black sand beach and is the main town for the Lovina area, famous for its dolphins. Hit the marker outside of Brucie's Executive Autos in East Hook to accept a mission from him.
If you can't find a police car, take out your phone and dial 911 to lure the police over to you. It was great advice, I did make it to 3rd place but that's as far as I can get, plus cops get in the way and it's hard to speed and go on the cellphone to use a cheat juring the race.
These are not usually tested by us (because there are so many), so please use them at your own risk. There is some accommodation here but we would be better to stay at the nearby Lovina Beach only a few kilometers to the west. To bring up the keypad, press the Mobile Phone Up button again when you have the phone out. If you happen to miss a turn, continue heading down the road you're on, as stopping to turn around could lead to death.

I wish there was a cheat for this mission because I am stuck!To some it comes easy to you but for other's it doesn't . Lose the wanted level once you have the cop car and Niko will then automatically call Brucie. This is a checkpoint race, so the goal here is to follow a series of checkpoints and be ahead of the pack when the final checkpoint is reached.
The town has plenty of accommodation from basic to good quality and some adequate restaurants. Each of the checkpoints contains a directional arrow that points to where that the next arrow will be. The goons will pursue you relentlessly, and you must get the car to the lockup before they manage to destroy it.

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