Why limit yourself to only top 800 spammers in the area and use only one contact in iPhone? The app asks for a lot of permissions, which some may see as intrusive, however the trade-off is that they do actually identify numbers that may be harassing you. Save us all the hassle of answering marketing calls made by robo-dialers headquartered in India or parts unknown! You further agree and guarantee that, if You have opted in to participate in the Enhanced Search functionality, we may collect, use and share certain information regarding the contacts contained in Your devicea€™s phone book (a€?Contact Informationa€?) with other Users in accordance with the Truecaller Privacy Policy in order to provide the Services.
Had me fooled i thought with a data base building that if a id number came thru then it would be blocked. This app does nothing - it doesn't detect spam callers, nor can I click anything to add a spammer to the database.
As long as battery drain isn't an issue from leaving it running in the background, I'm a convert!

This app shows the details of anyone who calls, even if their mobile number is not saved on the phone. Some time I can't receive call and I don't know the number but true caller help me to understand who call me. By allowing Contact Information to be collected, You give Truecaller a right to use that Contact Information as a part of the Service and you guarantee that you have any and all permissions required to share such Contact Information with us. I've changed my phone number and there is no way to update that in the app so that's annoying. Wrong still get calls a few times a day and when i share to true caller they have info on it, therefore this app is not as intended and probably a money grab for a paid version.
I thought this would be too involved for what I wanted, but it just created a contact with tons of known spammers. It's only been a week of me reporting (super easily) each phone call and Ive now noticed I'm not getting any soliciting calls!

Also, from time to time you have the ability to add other reported spam numbers to your own app if you choose to.
The company that makes this app sells your number to them, so they start blowing up your phone. For now whenever someone searches your mobile number on TrueCaller, your details (name and mobile number) won’t be displayed.

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