If you want to know who’s that pestering fool that is bothering you with prank calls at odd hours, then the Truecaller app is a must-have app for you.
The Truecaller app is a free app that’s available to be downloaded from your respective app stores. Truecaller also caters to social networking, as you can sign in via Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter and get the latest updates from friends when they call you. Truecaller is definitely a must-have app for any smartphone user as it is free, very powerful and consumes very little battery.
This special app is going to help you identify basically anyone calling you from any mobile phone and located just about anywhere in the world.

While it can’t always recognize landline numbers, it gets most mobile number right all the time. And it is not merely about knowing the prank call pest but also the liberty to blacklist certain numbers.
You can add numbers to the ‘My Blacklist’ page and these numbers automatically get updated in the central database. Thus, the next time you get a call from a telemarketer, Truecaller will warn you that it’s most likely a spam call, which is really a great help.
All you need to do is just type the number and you’ll be able to get the name of the account holder of the number and what network the person is using.

The ‘Update’ tab lets you update all the numbers in your phonebook with missing information.

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