Truecaller is opening up its caller id feature and expanding it from the confines of the phone dialer. In essence with the Auto Search, users will now be able to get information on a number mentioned anywhere like a website, email or text message. The feature is currently only available on Android, with no word on if there are plans to introduce it on the iOS app as well.
Facebook is reportedly planning on taking on Truecaller with a feature called Phone. The feature is said to be a caller id of sorts that not only shows info on the person calling, but automatically blocks blacklisted numbers as well.

All a user has to do is select the phone number, and hit “Copy,” and Truecaller will pop up the contact information related to it. You see them on websites, on your social media, e-mail, text messages, and countless other places online.
At last count, Truecaller had over 100 million users, and claimed to hold contact information of almost 1.5 billion people. Truecaller too lets users blacklist numbers and also crowdsources numbers associated with spam and marketing calls.

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