Samsung has decided to bring back flip smartphone into its lineup and a new model will be available for subscribers of China Mobile. You can also contact me if you have any tech product which you like to promote or like to advertise your product on our websites. Currently, water damage is responsible for 82.5 million mobile phone deaths a year in the United States alone. Everyone likes to be the first, the most innovative, and the one to set the bar for the rest of their competition. So what are your thoughts: do you think the industry is ready to take on the task of creating waterproof smartphones, or are you convinced that there are too many roadblocks standing in the way? In this article we want to show you a list of creative and interesting futuristic phone concepts. Motorolla Piccolo Concept PhoneThe Piccolo Concept 1 cell phone received its design inspiration by Motorola, bringing a sexy and sleek concept that will definitely appeal to females. Multimedia Concept PhoneDesigner Jakub Lekeš tries to push the limits of phone designing with his concept. LG Traveler Concept PhoneCreated by Andrew Zheng, the handset is a thin slider with a touch screen on board and a physical button keypad. LG Flutter Concept PhoneThe LG Flutter will have an opportunity to be featured in a future blockbuster movie. NanokiaThe designer Mac Funamizu drew on the Nokia Aeon to design a phone he would like to have.
LG Helix Bracelet PhoneDesigner Rob Luna created an LG concept phone called Helix, a device that can also be used as a slap bracelet worn on the owner’s wrist. Yuxa From Eco-Friendly MaterialsMexican designer Veronica Eugenia Rodriguez Ortiz created the Yuxa wearable cell phone concept. Bracelet Phone ConceptDesigner Tao Ma has designed an inimitably different concept phone that has got the looks of a bracelet. HTC 1The concept designer Andrew Kim has designed the HTC 1 to be a premium Android device. Nokia Morph Cell Phone ConceptThe Morph is a concept that demonstrates how future mobile devices might be stretchable and flexible, allowing the user to transform their mobile device into radically different shapes. Connext ConceptConnext is an all-in-one, flexible smart device designed by James Zhang that can morph its form to fit the application that it assumes. LG’s Folding PhoneThis HiFi concept headset gives us a whole new way of using a cell phone. Mooon Concept PhoneMooon concept phone designed by Sunman Kwon has a sleek, big and beautiful touch screen, and of course a camera.
Nokia Kinetic Concept DesignCreative designer Jeremy Innes-Hopkins has an interesting concept phone called the Nokia Kinetic.
LG Exo SmartphoneLG Exo Smartphone designed by Benjamin Lotte is a good-looking phone with a high strength polymer exoskeleton for protecting the delicate internal components. The largest carrier in the mobile industry will be getting the G9098, an Android-powered flip smartphone. From elementary-school-aged kids, to your great-grandparents, it seems that everyone has their own personal cellphone these days.

Other surveys have come up with their own statistics as well, boasting stats like: 19% of phones end up in the toilet, 29% of phones end up with a drink spilled on them, and 5% of phone-owners have put their phone through the washing machine.
According to a survey conducted by TNS Global Research, 70% of consumers believe water resistance is an important feature to have in their next phone.
This is mainly because when it comes to damaged devices and phone warranty repairs, mobile phone carriers are the ones paying for those costs. Adopting an exciting, groundbreaking technology that could potentially save millions of customers the heartbreak of having to replace their precious device is a great way to get people to look at, and ultimately choose, your product over someone else’s. Not so long ago, the popular check phone was Nokia 3310 with mere basic functions: call, text messaging and the only bearable game, snake.
What we can expect from the next generation of handsets that will be available in the next 10 year? The unusual shape of the LG Traveler phone was created for better grip and this aspect gets enhanced. Pop the center piece and the earpiece clip pings out; clip this to your ear and you got a phone-earphone! The device opens up like a fan, as you can see in the image above and has a flexible OLED touch screen display that scrolls radically. The latter can be pulled out and become an even larger display turning the device into a mini laptop. LG Helix comes with flexible circuits, a touch screen display and the concept device is made out of rubber and black stainless steel. This is an eco-friendly phone featuring an OLED display and rechargeable battery, plus an innovative means of communication.
The shiny gizmo vibrates when you receive a message and you can read the text by taking the bracelet off the wrist and pressing its precious looking keys. It uses liquid battery, speech recognition, flexible touch screen, touch sensitive body cover which lets it understand and adjust to the environment. As its name suggest it also function as a medical gadget to review the health of the users.
It demonstrates the ultimate functionality that nanotechnology capable of delivering: flexible materials, transparent electronics and self-cleaning surfaces. Combining OLED touch-screen technology with E-paper flexibility, this device can switch to become a mobile phone, computer, multimedia player, watch, physical avatar etc. It’s a peculiar touch screen phone which the headset can be wrapped around the head to enjoy music and attend to call even when you are moving around. An electromagnet in the base of the phone allows weight to be shifted which causes the phone to stand up when receiving a call.
The new flip Android smartphone weighs 179grams and measures 15.8mm thick, which is rather bulky for today’s standard.
These devices are now designed with features to keep us constantly connected with phone calls, text messages, Tweets, and even “Face Time” – but that hasn’t always been the case. If you are one of the unfortunate people that have found yourself part of those statistics, you understand the need for a permanent solution to water damage. But here’s the big question: why would any manufacturer want to incorporate a technology that could potentially generate fewer sales due to less devices being damaged by water?

Consumers are the ones purchasing manufacturers’ products; therefore, they drive many of the features and trends we see in the technology market. You had better believe carriers are looking for a way to cut down on those costs as much as possible. Some of the few features that will be built in new cell phones are OLED screen and enhancement in flexibility. A sliding touch screen QWERTY keyboard is concealed under the display and there is a 4.3 megapixel autofocus camera with digital zoom support on the back. What makes this concept unique is parts of the phone are made from a chemically based thin solar skin to charge the battery when it’s exposed to any kind of light. Multilayered Polymer which hosts all the electronic components is used in its construction. Using a nondescript tactile feedback technology, its surface adapts to different purposes while the e-ink screen envelops the phone in graphics and information.
You can attach the handset to the belt, through a magnetic charger and use the kinetic energy generated by the user to power up the cell phone.
The Motorola Sparrow is an all-in-one device that combines a scanner, RFID, point of sale (POS) system, communication and credit card reading capabilities. Integrating a thermometer that can be worn around the wrist like a bracelet, the cell phone measures the temperature and other drastic discrepancies in the body.
Some notable features of the concept include stereo speakers (located at the top and bottom of the phone), a kickstand which is actually the bottom portion of the casing, and the lofty concept of a built-in UV light which kills germs on the surface of the phone while you charge up. However, its faux leather design could bring to our mind the current Galaxy Note 3 phablet.
The pricing isn’t disclosed yet, but because it will be released in China, the price should be quite reasonable.
Luckily, there is a company out there who developed a solution that will change the mobile world. So, if enough people are this as an important feature to have in their next smartphone, you had better believe the device manufacturers are listening. We now have so many variety of phones that surpasses the basic function, smart phones for example allows you to connect to social media conveniently, GPS, video conferencing etc.
A continuous flexi-screen with plenty of sensors makeup the surface and it has the ability to transmit the image on the inside of the phone to the outside. Its case is covered with a nano material, converting the Sun light into the energy for your phone feed. Equipped with touch sensitive areas, the front and back of the Motorola Sparrow makes it easy to navigate and use. HZO’s water-protective nanotechnology, will protect phones on the molecular level from water, coffee, soda, and other liquids that might kill your device.
Since HZO has decided to go the route of working directly with manufacturers, this means your next device could have HZO already built in to the next smartphone you own.

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