Kerala STD Codes - STD Codes of Kerala Cities - Kerala is great place for your holiday and this image design is free to use with high definitions resolution.
Vaidyan, Krishnedu has been rich in possessing wisdom of four generations with the grace of Ayurveda to cure and refresh. Heritage Herbals, a pharmacy division of Krishnendu Ayurveda Hospital is exclusively set to provide ayurvedic medicines for treatment. Various combinations of ayurvedic therapies are advised after a detailed examination of the patient's medical history at the initial consultation. Our packages include the five-fold body purification or detoxification programme known as Panchakarma and the renowned ayurvedic way of rejuvenation known as Kayakalpa. The 314 low-floor buses procured with the financial assistance from the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) and operated by the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) are to be brought under the newly formed Kerala Urban Road Transport Corporation (KURTC). With 400 low-floor buses to be procured for extending services to 12 more districts in the State under JNNURM scheme 2013-14, the number of sleek modern buses in the State under KURTC is to go up to 767.
The trained crew now operating the low-floor buses also will be brought under the KURTC, a subsidiary formed under the KSRTC that will have its headquarters at Thevara bus station in Ernakulam. The first board meeting of the KURTC held on Monday decided to take the crew needed for operating the low- floor buses on deputation from the KSRTC.

The KURTC is also to be billed for the maintenance and repairs of the buses by the KSRTC at its workshops. Chairman and Managing Director, KSRTC, Antony Chacko, who also heads the KURTC, told The Hindu that the KURTC would become operational from November 1.
The KSRTC, he pointed out, is maintaining a separate balance sheet for the income and expenses received and incurred by JNNURM buses. Anish Kakkad:December 31, 2014 at 8:00 AMatum pledge cheyyumo?aa perum aarengilum clai cheyyumo? Suresh Krishnan K:January 2, 2015 at 3:02 AMpalakkad -coimbatore palakkad --Trissur ????? ???????????? junnrum BUs ???????? ????????!!!
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You will then receive an individualized module consisting of therapeutic massage, dietary counseling, body detoxification and rejuvenating treatment. Only those employees who had joined the KSRTC after April 2013 and are part of the contributory pension scheme can seek deputation, sources in the KSRTC said.

The KSRTC is now operating 146 buses, including 26 air-conditioned ones, in Thiruvananthapuram and 167, including 48 air-conditioned ones in Kochi. Here you can find some alternative about Kerala STD Codes - STD Codes of Kerala Cities - Kerala for your vacation with family or group. Our manufacturing facilities are approved by Government of Kerala and have been conferred with Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate for quality assurance.
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