View all of your important driver information in easy to read and understand reports, immediately upon logging in to your software. Geotaba€™s free web hosted platform available to all customers, also allows users to quickly schedule reports to be emailed, along with additional options for immediate notification updates.
Geotab is a leader in enabling users to create their own a€?eventsa€™ and 'rules' for driver management. With Geotab's advanced "breadcrumb trail", engine data, and acceleration algorithms, you get to see a unique view of drivers activities, including speeding, harsh braking, and driver status. As a general rule of thumb, your employees should spend more time interacting with customers at their locations than on the road. Learn what your drivers are doing with up to the second detail and gain valuable insight even while at the office or at home. Geotab has taken off-the-shelf compatible Garmin models and turned them into useful messaging tools that support notifications, driver status change, broadcast alerts, dispatches, canned messages and (of course) navigation. Vehicles left unused are costly assets that could otherwise be used to keep daily work activities on the move.
It's one thing knowing in the office that a driver is not driving well, but Geotab takes this a step further by telling the driver immediately how he or she is doing. Driver risk management reports and tools are available within the Geotab software a€“ MyGeotab. Geotab's device talks to the engine computer and in most cases automatically detects seatbelt use for the driver and passenger. Identifying aggressive on-road behavior which is often evident in dangerous, sharp lane changes and harsh breaking, will help you prevent collisions and accidents before they occur. Many Fortune 500 companies deploy Geotab solutions and benefit from saving hundreds, thousands, and even millions of dollars on fuel costs. Efficiently dispatch drivers with Geotaba€™s route optimization tool to help reduce fuel consumption and enhance time productivity. Even the simplest vehicle repairs can be very costly to your bottom line, especially if you have multiple vehicles on the road.

With engine fault code information, you can now stop engine issues before they become costly to manage and repair.
Geotab is the only platform provider that offers over 30, fully customizable reports in Excel format. Reports can be scheduled to be emailed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, or you can create your own custom dates and times.
Rules include, but are not limited to, setting in-vehicle buzzers once a driver speeds over your acceptable limit that you specified within the software, leaves their car idling for a specific amount of time, and much more. It requires no additional antennas and no splicing of wires, reducing installation time and fees. With Geotab's easy to read and understand business reports, you can better manage on-road activity and ensure that employees are visiting and spending time with your valued business partners. With Geotab's GPS vehicle tracking solutions, you can see which vehicles are underused and start reaching your growth potential. If your driver is about to break, or is breaking, a rule, in-vehicle buzzers will alert the driver to change behavior. The reports illustrate a complete view of a drivera€™s profile, and drivers are assigned a a€?scorea€™ based on their driving habits. All rules that are broken in Geotab's fleet management software allow for notifications to be sent via email of such events, allowing you to take immediate next-step actions to help promote driver safety.
Putting a stop to poor driving behavior will help you achieve safety with your drivers, and other vehicles on the road. With Geotaba€™s unique algorithm, you will receive a detailed view of the last 30 seconds, broken down into second detail of the event. Effectively reduce fuel costs by reducing driver idling time, speeding, fast acceleration, and more.
Route optimization, by creating customer zones, helps management locate drivers at all times.
With Geotaba€™s powerful and industry leading fleet tracking software and devices, help stop and prevent vehicle abuse.

A fault code will specifically tell you what the engine issue is and where to find it, helping you save on vehicle inspection time and costs, and possible vehicle down time. Depending on your engines, they will also produce a range of useful engine use information.
With over 25 years of experience in GPS, our management team provides affordable, reliable solutions for any GPS application, along with the support and expertise required to get the job done right.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
Reports include Yesterdaya€™s Top Speeding Drivers, Driver Green and Safety Scoring, and much more.
The reports can also be set to be emailed to entire departments and groups for collective monitoring. Let Geotab's GPS vehicle tracking solutions help you better manage daily activities for improved results.
With the daily heartbeat feature, the system can alert fleet managers to vehicles that are reporting heartbeats but are not being driven and are underused. Helping you identify risky drivers, the reports include top speeds, harsh braking, sharp turns, and more. With proven results, your organization can become customer-focused and meet time sensitive demands and client expectations.
In-vehicle buzzers will help your organization cultivate a fleet wide safety program that works.

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