British Telecom (BT) telephone cards produced by Landis & Gyr between 1981 and 1996 all featured a control number on the reverse. It was believed that the Landis & Gyr factory in Acton, North London, UK had at least one machine which impressed control numbers onto the reverse of the cards in this fashion, and which was sometimes used when ordinary machines were either being 'rested', repaired, or when all the machines were being used to produce telephone cards. The BT Phonecard pictured below from a batch produced in April 1983 in Landis & Gyr's factory in Zug, Switzerland features a split control number of G2 180 155.

Pictured above - Face of definitive 1st issue 200unit BT Phonecard (left) and cards 'split' control number on the reverse (right).
The two latest catalogues (UK 1 BT Optical Cards is pictured right) which together feature all of BT Phonecards and catalogue numbers can be viewed and purchased here.
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BTD001 within the above text relates to the cards unique designated catalogue number, over the years these numbers have become extremely well known by collectors.

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