US airways provide the facility of emergency contact number, customer care and Services Numbers. It is considered that the American Airlines and US Airways are developing the leading airline in the world. A new report on the US airline industry found that, by four major measures including lost baggage and overbookings, customer service has never been better. The data, which are drawn from the US Department of Transportation’s monthly Air Travel Consumer Report, show airlines are doing slightly better since 2010 on the four basic performance measures. The explanations will be done through meetings with the diplomatic corps of several countries and presentations before international agencies. There will also be a meeting with officials of the Haitian government in order to provide them with information with respect to the process which began 18 months ago and which concluded last 17 June. Yesterday, President Danilo Medina headed a coordination meeting in his office at the Presidential Palace with the Chancellor, Andres Navarro, the Administrative Minister of the Presidency, Jose Ramon Peralta; the director of Communications for the Presidency, Roberto Rodriguez Marchena and the director of Strategic Information, Analysis and Programming (DIAPE), Ramon Tejada Holguin.
The Minister of Foreign Relations said that they are putting together an information strategy on the truth of what is happening in the country, so that both diplomats accredited in this country as well as other nations are directly informed by the reports from the Dominican government. He said that there has been a massive process of normalization of immigrants in the country with great respect for human rights which the authorities must show to the world in order that they can know the truth because they are making value judgments against the Dominican Republic which are not based on facts. He said that what they want is for all the sectors of the country such as the civil society, the business sector and other sectors, to join in this effort, because it is not only the government that should provide real information. He reported that the true information is being issued by the competent agencies of the country by means of the embassies and that they will be transmitted in Spanish, English, French and other languages.
The deportations have still not begun and already the country begins to receive attacks such as the call for a tourist boycott suggested by the Mayor of New York, Bill De Blasio, or the oft-repeated accusation of racism against the Haitians which the former president of CARICOM, Ralph Gonsalves issued.
This was reported by Victor Terrero, who said that technicians from the two entities are working on the design of the strategy to be employed, in order to see the manner in which they will carry out the inclusion, which will take on a formal character with the signing of an agreement between him and Chanel Rosa Chupany, the executive director of Senasa.
The affiliation would begin with the sex workers registered in the United Women’s Movement (Modemu) which is led by Jacqueline Montero, a defender of the rights of the sector before the Conahivsida, with full voting priviledges.
In health terms, Terrero said that it would mean greater health service coverage for the sex workers, attentions of specialized studies, coverage of high cost diseases and access to medications. According to information from Conahivsida, in the country there are 91,725 sex workers, of which 86% use condoms. He said that this would be an important achievement for the health system, as well as for the government with regard to Social Security. He pointed out that it is a commitment of inclusion of all the sectors and along this line, he is taking President Medina at his word. The intention of the event was to motivate reflection regarding the stigma and discrimination against the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersexual population (LGBTI).
Senasa has as a goal for this year the affiliation of 400,000 persons to the Subsidized Regime. Recently they started with the process of affiliation of 50,000 domestic workers and their direct dependents. If they achieve the affiliation of the sex workers, they would be guaranteeing the right and the universality of the Dominican System of Social Security.
PUERTO PLATA Today at noon, a major fire burnt to ashes three houses in Padre las Casas area of Puerto Plata, leaving millions pesos in losses as reported by citizens affected by the disaster.
They said that the fire occurred on the street 4 del populoso sector de Padres las Casas, consumed with surprisingly fast speed wooden housing, zinc roof which housed a workshop for electronics, but also the fire affected two adjoining dwellings whose outfits were burnt to ashes. According to the villagers comments, the first of the fires consumed a grocery store and a family residence at the corner of Jose del Carmen Ariza and Mella, but then another fire consumed la Bodega San Juan at the corner of Villanueva and 12 de Julio.
PUERTO PLATA According to the expectations, it appears that the winds of development and economic prosperity in the community of Maimon is about to blow, due to the substantial investments that already had taken place in the west of Puerto Plata. Presently, brigades of painstaking are working in the construction of restaurants, bars, shops and other facilities that are part of the complex of buildings in a Victorian-style design that simulates the so-called historic center of Puerto Plata.
Heavy equipment supervised by a team of engineers, are being seen at work of expansion to four lanes a seven kilometer road stretch that connects Maimon with Puerto Plata.
According to reliable sources, revealed to reporters this information means that dozens of domestic and foreign investors are very interested in settling in Maimon due to the economic dynamism, which will start from  October 6th, 2015 when the first transatlantic cruise ship Carnival Victory will arrive in the modern marine with tourist terminal.
In recent days, it has been observed that many investors and entrepreneurs from China, Japan, United States and other countries, have been hanging around Maimon for the purpose of making investments in that community. The Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM will only receive RD$6,485,255.87 which leaves it at a huge disadvantage against the traditional organizations.

The Central Electoral Board (JCE) has established these amounts under the regulations of Law 275 – 97, and they are funds which are similar to those delivered in 2014. The PRD, which was then the Dominican Social Alliance (ASD) receive that year RD$8,587,408.51. The Alianza Pais party, which is headed by Guillermo Moreno and which now seeks to be recognized once again, received in 2012 RD$8,018,392.85.
Article 49 of Law 275 – 97 stipulates that in the General Budget of the Nation and the Law of Public Expenditures a fund equal to one half of 1% of the national income in the years of the general elections and one fourth of 1% in the years in which there are no general elections be assigned to the parties.
This means a great challenge for the PRM, which seeks to emerge as a majority party, starting in the next elections.
The Secretary-General of the PRM, Jesus Vasquez Martinez, says that they are maintaining themselves with the contributions which to the leadership makes to the organization, and they are taking advantage of the social networks to promote their activities and proposals. Vasquez noted that they work with a financial team in order to carry out innovative economic activities, in order to facilitate citizens cooperating with the expenditures of the party. He assured the reporters that when the people take on a cause, such as it is his understanding they have done with the PRM, its resources will abound because the people have a lot of goodwill. The Law 275 – 97 establishes that 80% of the funds will be distributed in equal parts among the parties which obtain more than 5% of the valid votes cast in the last elections. He indicated that the delegation from the Dominican Republic will be composed of members of the ministries of Interior and Police as well as Foreign Relations. He said that according to the information supplied by Chancellor Andres Navarro, after a period of 45 days granted to complete the documentation of those registered under the plan, the repatriations would commence. Likewise, Supplice said that in his country they do not know exactly how many Haitians live here.
The Medfly ban on exporting fresh vegetables to the United States has caused financial ruin for many greenhouse operations in Jarabacoa, as reported in El Caribe. Another three executives from the bankrupt Peravia Bank handed themselves over to authorities yesterday, 22 June 2015, after the National District public prosecution office had issued arrest warrants for their arrest.
On 22 June, Jorge Serret, Nelson Cabral and Army Colonel Jesus Acosta Florentino, were also arrested in connection with the case. Army Colonel Jesus Acosta Florentino had been under investigation and was arrested at the Ministry of Defense in December 2014.
Acosta was arrested previously in December 2014, after President Danilo Medina had sent a note to the Ministry of Defense asking that the complaint filed by a foreign depositor in the bank against him be investigated for death threats to Venezuelan businessman Luis Rios Virla. Five people have been arrested, implicated in the presumed murder of a German man whose body was found in the water at Cabo San Rafael, east of Boca de Yuma in La Altagracia province. German citizen, 48-year old Peter Thomas Lorenz, who lived in Bavaro, had been missing since 14 June 2015. The two Germans were both arrested along with 43-year old Dutchman Mark Boers; 35-year old Ismael Rivero Carrizo, who is Spanish and the captain of the boat, Dominican Jose Antonio Ulloa Brito. While the clock begins the countdown on the 45 days which the illegal foreigners have to complete their case files and normalize their immigration status in the country, the fear grows among the Haitians of possible repatriation. Yesterday the Deputy Minister of Interior and Police, Washington Gonzalez, reported that those with all the documents in order will receive a normal status. Last Wednesday, the deputy minister of Interior, Luis Fernandez, announced that starting today the offices would be receiving documents from the persons who are registered, who have until 1 August to complete their files. In the meantime while authorities are going over each case, the Haitians that registered under the plan are complaining about the amount of papers that they have to bring. A Haitian, Jacque Medina said that he paid RD$6000 to a lawyer, but he fears that the papers that they handed in our fake. In the Mirador del Este Residence in East Santo Domingo, Orquidia Calix says she is convinced that the lawyers are cheating them.
Angela Martinez was one of the few Haitians who was carrying out her business routine yesterday in Little Haiti, in the Capital. Those who accepted the plan should present, among other things, a letter of good conduct, a letter from the neighborhood board, from the church, invoices of public services and a work contract. Yesterday, the representative of Amnesty International, Chiara Liguori, who is in the country to observe the repatriation process, demanded more flexibility from the government for the persons who have children born in the national territory before 2010, and that for some reason did not accept either the plan of normalization or the plan of naturalization.
She indicated that, so far, they have observed among the Haitians a lot of fear that they will all be taken. Arcadio Sosa, of the Centro Puente (Bridge Center), issued, in turn, a call to the authorities in order to avoid abuses.

Those who request it, will have free assistance and they will be provided with ground transportation and security to be taken to the port, airport or frontier port of convenience, according to a publication which appears today in paid announcements in the media. According to Migration, those who accept this program of voluntary return will not suffer the administrative sanctions as established by Law 285 – 04, and therefore they can return as long as they comply with the required procedures. The Government began yesterday a strategy of international information in order to explain the success and the extent of the National Plan of Normalization of Foreigners, as well as the deportation process which will be carried out, with the aim of creating awareness regarding all of the process which the authorities are carrying out.
He said that also Dominican society which is been the witness to what has been done by President Danilo Medina regarding the treatment of the immigrants should also be added to the cause. The director of the National Council for HIV and AIDS (Conavihsida) began a negotiation with the National Health Insurance (Senasa) for the inclusion of about 6000 sex workers Into the Subsidized Regime of the Family Health Insurance (SFS), with the aim of preventing sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV, to that segment of the population. Last Friday a 2 level Victorian house of engineer Chacha Valerio, located on 12th July next to Museum General Gregorio Luperon, also got burnt to ashes. The Dominican Liberation, the Dominican Revolutionary and the Social Christian Reformist parties will receive this year a total of RD$644,034,768.
It also establishes that the remaining 20% will be distributed in the following manner: 12% in equal parts for those parties which obtain less than 5% of the valid votes issued in the previous elections and those newly recognized if there were any. The Haitian ambassador in Santo Domingo, Daniel Supplice, revealed that a high level Dominican delegation will travel today to his country in order to review the protocols which will be put into play with the repatriations of their citizens. The ban on fresh produce has mainly affected the export of bell peppers and tomatoes causing major losses to producers. Acosta Floretino was the bodyguard of Jose Luis Santoro, top executive of the bank who is thought to have fled to Venezuela when the bank collapsed. At the time, the President cited investment and judicial security as the primary reasons for the investigation. Apparently they had left that night for Saona Island and the men detained said the missing man could have fallen overboard.
After finishing last Thursday 18 June, the registration period for foreigners, today the authorities of the Ministry of Interior and Police initiate the evaluation and analysis phase of the files of the persons who are registered. They say that in the neighborhood boards and their employers don’t want to give them the letters that they request. She paid RD$8000 to a lawyer, whose name she does not know, in order to obtain the documents, but she complains that there are few of her compatriots who can find this sum of money. She referred to cases of persons who have sent their families to Haiti, in spite of having children born in Dominican territory and who are registered in the Plan of Normalization, because they fear the deportations will be violent. The transportation route from the capital to Elias Pina, which has two buses that travel daily towards Haiti, increased the number yesterday to four units in order to cover the demand. Among those that yesterday left was Michelle Dosenville, a woman who preferred to leave before she was taken out, according to her by beating. The remaining 8% will be distributed in proportion to the valid votes obtained by each one of the parties will obtain less than 5% of the valid votes cast in the last elections. He explained that the meeting comes about because of the different dates issued by Dominican institutions regarding the repatriations.
The president of the greenhouse cluster of Jarabacoa, Romulo Abreu Jerez, estimated losses in the range of RD$10-RD$20 million over the three-month period since the ban was put in place.
Rios accused Acosta of threatening his life after tying Acosta to an attempted kidnapping on 28 October 2014 at the Holiday Inn. Given the impossibility of obtaining the required documentation, many have opted to abandon the country voluntarily or wait to be detained and then repatriated. It connects large number of destinations in Asia, Central America, Africa, Hawaii, North America, and Europe. Others, trying to comply with the requisites, pay amounts from RD$6000 and R0$8000 to lawyers who promised them to put together all the necessary documentation. Abreu Jerez said that producers do not know whether they can plan for planting for the next harvest, given the uncertainty of the export market to the US for these products and the grave financial situation that the greenhouse cluster members are facing.

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