In 2007, the Border Patrol created the Special Operations Group (SOG) headquartered in El Paso, TX to coordinate the special operations units of the agency. The Special Operations Group accomplishes these goals through planning, training, and deployment to domestic and international anti-terrorism efforts, as well as disaster and humanitarian related special operations.
SOG provides the Department of Homeland Security, CBP and the Border Patrol with specially-trained and equipped teams capable of rapid response to emergent and uncommon law enforcement situations requiring special tactics and techniques, search and rescue, and medical response capabilities. Each component possesses its own history and specialized field of expertize and were strategically combined on a national level under the Border Patrol’s Special Operations Division in 2007. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
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Click on the images below to see the front and back side of the US Customs Declaration form. Food, however, is a different story, mainly because students want to save money on food in the USA and think it’s a good idea to bring some from home. If you are one of such students, keep in mind the most important thing: You are not required to know what you can bring to the USA!

In other words, if you bring a side of pig with you and check in the form that you are bringing meat, you’re OK.
Generally, packaged and factory processed food products, such as dehydrated soup, candy bar, a can of luncheon meat and the like. We would say that carrying only the amount normally needed for the duration of your stay applies to all medicines.
Hi Candy, unfortunately, we are not customs experts, we just compile information from publicly available sources for participants of our US programs. Hi Mario, while we give general guidance to students who participate in international programs shown on this website, we are not customs professionals able to give authoritative answers to questions involving unusual circumstances like yours.
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As a highly mobile, rapid-response tool, SOG significantly increases the ability of DHS to respond operationally to specific terrorist threats and incidents, as well as supporting traditional Border Patrol operations.
You may notice, that there is not any question asking if you are bringing any medicines in the USA. Your side of pig will be taken from you by the US Customs and destroyed, and you will be allowed in the USA.

And if you are bringing a prescription, make sure it’s written in English or at least Latin.
After all, you confirm by your signature at the bottom of the form that you filled it out truthfully. The flight attendants will distribute them toA all passengers and on most airlines, there will be a movie with instructions how to fill out the forms. And in 20 years of traveling in a out the USA, none of us has ever been asked if we carry any medicines. That said, if you are going to carry something what may contain a hallucinogen, painkiller, is applied by hypodermic needle or is considered habit-forming, I’d recommend having a translated prescription with you.

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