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Verizon wireless has terminated its roaming coverage with the last CDMA provider (Iusacell) in Mexico. If you are bringing your Verizon phone to Mexico this means that you will only get a signal along the border region (Mexicali, Tijuana, Ensenada) and in important cities. Your alternative is to go to a wi-fi hotspot at a restaurant or bar and use that for sending email, iMessages or using Skype (note that many free hotspots block some technologies such as MMS and occasionally Skype). A beachcomber walks along the shore of Yellowstone Lake in view of Lake Hotel as the evening light fades in Yellowstone National Park. The National Park Service has given final approval for a plan by Verizon Wireless to build a new 100-foot cell tower to serve the Fishing Bridge and Lake Village developed areas in Yellowstone National Park. A permit clearing the way for construction of the new cell tower was recently approved by John Wessels, the Director of the Intermountain Region of the National Park Service, according to a statement released Tuesday by the National Park Service. A map from Verizon Wireless shows signal coverage from a cell phone tower planned for the area around Lake Hotel in Yellowstone National Park.
The group objected to the tower, saying the Park Service was not following its own policies before moving forward with the project. Park managers say that cell phone service is generally available in most developed areas within the park, including Mammoth, Old Faithful, Canyon, Tower, Roosevelt, and Grant. The new cellular site will be located next to a buried water tank on a 100-foot rise above the Lake administrative area and 700 feet below the top of the Elephant Back Ridge.
Park managers say cell antennas will be configured to minimize spillover coverage into Yellowstone’s backcountry. Planning documents state that the structure would be a 100-foot tall, gray, steel lattice tower. Also included in the project is a proposed 12-by-26-foot, single-story equipment building, a propane generator, a 6-foot tall chain link fence enclosure, underground electrical power lines, and approximately 0.45 mile of communications circuit conduit buried under or directly adjacent to the existing service road and to the nearest telephone service utility pedestal in the housing area.
A crane and weather balloons were used to simulate the height of the proposed tower to ensure that it would not be visible from the nearby Lake Hotel, Fishing Bridge and Lake Lodge historic districts. According to planning documents, the tower will be visible from a portion of the Grand Loop Road through the Lake area, but only through a break in the trees. The tower will extend approximately 30 feet above the surrounding tree canopy, according to planning documents, a necessity to allow other carriers to provide future service in the area without erecting additional towers.

Ruffin Prevost is founding editor of Yellowstone Gate, an independent, online news service about Yellowstone and Grand Teton parks and their gateway communities.
New Yellowstone housing features green building, design elementsStaff accommodations in Yellowstone National Park have typically leaned toward the more rustic end of the spectrum, starting with a series of remote cabins built by U.S. So it was with understandable fanfare that a Yellowstone lodging concessioner earlier this month showed off two new environmentally friendly housing projects, both built using modular construction, and with a focus on sustainable building and design practices. Montana blogger creates map guide to Yellowstone Park day hikesWith all signs pointing to a busy summer in Yellowstone National Park—possibly even a record year for visitation—the best way to avoid the crowds will be to park your car and hit the trail. After spending 40 days in 2015 hiking, documenting and rating dozens of trails in Yellowstone, Bramante has released a comprehensive topographic map covering 65 day hikes in nearly every corner of the park.
Yellowstone road at Craig Pass opens ThursdayYellowstone National Park visitors will be able to travel between West Thumb Junction and Old Faithful when the last stretch of park road over Craig Pass opens for the season at 7 a.m. Construction crews removed an almost 75-year-old bridge over Isa Lake on Craig Pass, replacing it with a new bridge and widening the road to handle the current volume of traffic.
Yellowstone Lake Hotel celebrates 125 years of hosting park visitorsThe National Park Service is observing its centennial this summer, but it was a grand old hotel 25 years older than the Park Service that kicked off the season's festivities in Yellowstone National Park on Friday. Dozens gathered at Yellowstone Lake Hotel to celebrate the structure's designation last year as a National Historic Landmark, and to mark 125 years since the hotel opened to the public in 1891. Bison population holds steady in YellowstoneAn annual survey of summer bison numbers in Yellowstone National Park shows the overall population at roughly the same level as last year. The estimate based on a series of aerial surveys puts the park's total bison population about approximately 4,900. A high-tech method for detecting disease in domestic cattle is helping researchers in Yellowstone National Park learn more about how sarcoptic mange effects gray wolf survival and behavior during the park's long, cold winters. A site in Yellowstone National Park has been proposed as one of 60 key monitoring stations in what is shaping up to be the largest long-term study of climate change in North America. Just For Fun: 3 drone videos of parksBefore a blanket ban on the use of drones in all national parks, a handful of aerial photographers posted some compelling videos shot over Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks that offer a bird's-eye view you're unlikely to see anywhere else. Should Yellowstone managers have euthanized the adult female grizzly linked to a fatal attack on a hiker?
If you've always wanted to climb the Grand Teton, but just haven't quite gotten around to it yet, don't worry.
You don't have to go far in Yellowstone National Park to find a romantic spot that would be the perfect setting for an epic love story.

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I recently switched over to a prepaid plan, but when I started researching plans on the internet, I quickly realized that most of the review sites were total spam.
This is a particularly worrying development for travelers on the highways who count on having an emergency lifeline in case of trouble.
This will allow you to call friends in the USA but they will have to call a Mexican number to reach you unless you can set up automatic call forwarding before you leave the States. The proposal for a new tower drew criticism last summer from Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility. Current coverage around Lake is spotty, and does not include the large Bridge Bay campground and marina area.
The site already has access via an existing service road and is near existing electric and phone lines.
The site was also selected to minimize the cell signal’s reach into the park’s backcountry.
It would not be visible from the nearby Lake Hotel, Fishing Bridge, Lake Lodge historic districts, and area hiking trails.
He lives in Cody, Wyo., where he also works as the Wyoming reporter for Reuters news service. Funded by the National Science Foundation, the National Ecological Observatory Network will gather a wide range of data at sites spread among 20 distinct eco-climatic domains across the United States. From sweeping overlooks to hot springs and waterfalls to historic hotels and cabins, the park is full of beautiful places that would inspire passion in even the coldest heart. He worked from 2005-10 as the Wyoming reporter for the Billings Gazette and has also been managing editor of WyoFile.
Guest quarters have at times been only marginally better, with some lodging meant as temporary housing still being used a half-century later. Geological Survey, a moment of insight came when he learned how thermal imaging was used in the cattle industry to detect cows infected with foot-and-mouth disease.

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