The Planning Board granted unanimous approval to a proposal from Verizon Wireless to collocate 12 antennas on an existing 130-foot electric transmission tower near Carpi Lake late last month. This high-tension utility tower off Morsetown Road is anticipated to be the home of a new cellular array, after the West Milford Planning Board approved variances for the project on Jan.
According to Verizon Wirelessa€™ New York metro area representative David Samberg, the project along West Milforda€™s Morsetown Road is needed to both expand the networka€™s coverage area and increase the areaa€™s existing capacity to accommodate additional cellular phone users and traffic.
To execute the improvements to the wireless network, the company plans to install a 13-foot platform on top of an existing high-tension transmission tower. Property and tower owner Public Service Electric & Gas (PSE&G) will perform the work on the tower itself, while another company will be hired to prepare the area under the tower for the placement of a pre-fabricated equipment shelter, according to Anthony Suppa, the consulting professional engineer for the applicant. Suppa said the 240-square-foot building will be lifted in by crane, in one or two sections, and probably "slid" into place due to the close proximity to high-tension, high-voltage power lines. Its final resting place will be a 22- by 33-foot compound surrounded by an 8-foot-tall fence with an interwoven, artificial screening device, according to Suppa. The projecta€™s environmental consultant, Chris Lanna, said there are no wetlands in the area to deal with, adding that the project as proposed is exempt under Highlands Act regulations. Despite the utilization of an existing utility tower that already has a height variance, the plan had to come before the West Milford Planning Board due to the need for variances for fence height and setbacks.
The one-story equipment shelter will be within the 200-foot right of way underneath the tower, allowing the compounda€™s 726-square-foot footprint to rest entirely within the 3,540-square-foot tower base, according to Suppa. However, noting the concern for fire safety, the board examined the possibility of expanding the roadway 25 percent, which would be the allowable limit under the state Highlands Act. As conditions of approval, the Planning Board will require Verizon representatives to post a performance bond to account for any damage to Morsetown Road, use tracking pads to keep debris from entering the roadway, maintain a€“ and plow a€“ a 12-foot-wide gravel road and any drainage devices deemed necessary by the board engineer.
The company must also provide the board with written confirmation from the state Department of Environmental Protection that permits are not needed for this project or any necessary permits, even though Board Engineer Paul Ferrieroa€™s colleague John Hansen noted any violation of wetlands or Highlands regulations would be the responsibility of the developer to correct. If the antennas and the equipment shelter are abandoned, municipal code requires that the equipment be removed or the township will remove it at the ownera€™s expense after six months.

Avoid traffic jams with our real-time traffic maps, including incidents, chain control zones, freeway cameras, and changeable message sign (CMS) icons.
Learn about carpool and vanpool incentives that are available for Riverside and San Bernardino County residents. All landline callers from area codes 909, 951, 619, and 760 within Riverside or San Bernardino counties will reach us. Cell phone customers with AT&T, MetroPCS, Nextel, T-Mobile and Verizon service may also reach us when dialing 511 within the Inland Empire. Providing complete coverage of the wireless industry, cell phone news, and future 4G technologies. StraightTalk has posted a dedicated tutorial page for the Apple iPhone 4, meaning that the Walmart-backed virtual operator may be preparing to sell the smartphone within the next few weeks. By opening up the iPhone to prepaid carriers earlier this year, Apple was not only opening up additional markets for the iPhone in the US outside of contract customers, it was also testing the marketplace to see how price sensitive prepaid customers actually were compared to the average prepaid service customer in terms of the total cost of hardware, as prepaid models are typically unsubsidized or at substantially lower subsidy rates compared to postpaid service. While prepaid service customers are usually more price sensitive when it comes to phone hardware costs, the fact that many still purchased the iPhone on Cricket and Virgin Mobile at list pricing earlier this year when launched in the summer despite having cheaper and more capable alternatives may have shown to Apple that prepaid customers in the US were willing to purchase the iPhone for those particular services as long as it was available in an official capacity and the service rates remained the same, or as was the case with Virgin Mobile $5 cheaper per month provided customers signed up for automatic monthly payments.
For StraightTalk to offer any iPhone at all at an official level would make it one of the first true prepaid MVNOs without direct carrier backing to offer the smartphone, but the twist to this version is that the tutorials make multiple references to an MEID on the device. Few additional details are known outside of the tutorials at the present time, but more details are expected to surface closer to launch, such as the instruction manual and other documentation. BlackBerry, Android smart phone, and iPhone users use more capacity than wireless customers have used in the past.
The platform will support a total of 12 antennas, according to Samberg, which will raise the overall height of the utility tower by 5 feet. State Board of Public Utilities regulations prohibit landscaping in the transmission line right of way. The legislation, passed in 2004, has strict regulations on new development in the region but permits some construction under utility towers.

Although the West Milford Fire Prevention Bureau requested widening the access road from 12 to 20 feet, later saying 18 feet would be acceptable, the board did not require any widening of the road. However, it was unsure if 15 feet would be considered a necessary improvement over 12 feet, taking into account the need to remove dozens of trees to widen the road and the planned installation of an automatic, chemical fire suppression system in the pre-cast concrete shelter.
In addition, company representatives are mandated to attend a pre-construction meeting to examine the schedule, material delivery route, and start date. Still, the applicanta€™s legal counsel Michael Beck, from Hiering, Dupignac, Stanzione, Dunn & Beck in Toms River, said that PSE&G requires immediate removal in the event that the antenna array is no longer in operation. Both the website and telephone service are owned and operated through a partnership of the Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) and the San Bernardino Associated Governments (SANBAG). With Apple  taking steps to realign its sales model in the US to open up the device to prepaid services during the year, the iPhone 4 on StraightTalk may mean more to consumers and prepaid service than it does to carriers, and it should be a cause for concern.
As CDMA devices use MEID ranges after exhausting the ESN serial number range, this means that the iPhone 4 listed may be either on Sprint, as with the Virgin Mobile version, or the more remote possibility existsing that the version being offered and the one most anticipated by many StraightTalk customers is the Verizon-powered version. For cell phone users located near the boundary areas shown on the map, the nearest cell tower, which may actually be outside our service area, will pick up your calls.
If you fail to make a connection from a boundary location, we apologize for any inconvenience. All we need is the nano sim from Straight Talk that will run the unlocked IPhone 5 on the AT&T network.

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