Looking for an easy to use smartphone on Verizon network with decent specs, 4G LTE speed and low price? Buying phones discontinued by service providers is a good alternative if you need a decent Android phone without contract at a cheap price.
Download User Manual for LG Lucid 2 - Learn more about the LG Lucid 2 by downloading free user manual. Release Date – January 2013, what makes the LG Lucid 2 an older phone among latest models available today.
LG has released already newer Android smartphones on Verizon network with new look and updated specs.

Because the LG Lucid 2 is an Android phone, you need to have or create a Gmail account in order to activate the phone and use Google Play store (free of charge but necessary).
Since the LG Lucid 2 is a smartphone, your provider may require additional data plan in order to activate this phone.
Just be careful, in certain situations buying phones at prices too good to be true may have flip sides. The phone features a “starter mode” with simplified interface making it a perfect choice for users who prefer simplicity – for instance elders or first time smartphone owners.
Please, read few tips below before purchasing a phone, which should help you avoid common mistakes and buy your new phone with confidence.

Released in 2013 and discontinued by Verizon Wireless, the LG Lucid 2 VS870 is available today at a cheap price.

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