Stay online on your phone without Wi-Fi thanks to the bonus 500MB Roaming Data Pack we're including with all new $60 and above Postpaid plans until 31 December 2016. Sign up to a second $30 or higher Postpaid mobile service and get an extra 1GB bonus each month. Rollover Value and Data: any unused included value or data rolls over to the next month only, can be used once the next month's inclusion has been spent and may be forfeited if you change plan.
Online Bonus 1GB: available when you sign up online before 22 June 2016 on $50 or higher (24 month) Phone Plans and $40 or higher SIM (only) Plans. 500MB Roaming Bonus: available at no additional cost when you sign up or change plans to a $60 or higher postpaid (Phone or SIM) plan before 31 December 2016.
Second Service 1GB Bonus: available when you've got an existing postpaid phone plan with us spending $29 or more on monthly access fees and you sign up for a second postpaid phone plan spending $30 or more on monthly access fees on the same account before 30 June 2016.
Velocity Points: available when you're an Oz resident over 18, once you've linked your Velocity membership no.

Your included data allowance covers uploads and downloads and usage is counted in kilobyte (KB) units. If you leave early you'll need to pay out any unpaid contributions towards the full cost of your device including those we were going to cover. You will receive 1GB, the inclusion for $10 Data Packs but at no additional cost under this offer, on top of your monthly data allowance until you cancel or change plans.
Once the 500MB Roaming Bonus has been applied (up to 72 hours after sign up) you have 365 days to use it in Zone 1 countries. So here's a quick guide of what 1GB of data can get you to help you work out how much data you need. You can cancel a Data Pack anytime when your usage goes down to a lower, steady amount each month. Auto-Alerts are texts we send you to let you know when you’ve used a certain amount of calls, texts, or data.

You will receive the bonus on top of your standard monthly data allowance (to use in Oz) until you cancel or change plans. Any unused 500MB Roaming Bonus data does not rollover at the end of this period and is forfeited earlier if you cancel or change plans.
Auto-Alerts will be set up on your service to let you know when you reach 50%, 85% and 100% of your included value, but just by logging into My Account, you can change these alerts to what suits you. Once the data included in your plan has been exhausted, additional data is charged the appropriate rate for the Access Point Name (APN) you are using.

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