The PCD Venture is an inexpensive Android smartphone, but its low price doesn't make up for poor performance. Although they are made of a nice, grippy plastic, the keyboard's keys are cramped and tiny.
As is the case with many phones from Virgin, the biggest selling point here is the carrier's inexpensive pricing plans.
The phone is powered by a severely outdated 600MHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 MSM7627 processor.
A cell phone store combines bill pay options among other services to drive traffic and sales. Wireless dealers that offer T Mobile products soon notice the income potential of adding more that one carrier to the line up.
Many people who show interest in owning cell phone company have no idea of the profit potential. is not affiliated with Virgin Mobile or any other entity for which a logo or name may be present.
Ee times electronic engineering times connecting , Ee times connects global electronics community news, analysis, education, peer--peer discussion technology, business, products design. Samsung galaxy tab 3 7- - (white, wi-fi) - amazonuk, : samsung galaxy tab 3 7- - (white, wi-fi). You may find yourself drawn in by the promise of an inexpensive, keyboarded Android smartphone with Virgin Mobile's excellent plan pricing, but proceed with caution. I found it difficult to type without accidentally mashing my finger into other keys, so typing long messages is no simple feat.

You can sign up for an unlimited data, text, and Web plan for as little as $35 per month with 300 voice minutes. There's no word on an update to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), but I wouldn't count on it. Sync Mobile provides a simple solution for entrepreneur’s interested in a cell phone business. The Sync Mobile opportunity gives you a chance to dive into the thriving cellular phone business.
This phone has a cramped keyboard, a disappointing camera, short battery life, and generally low-end performance.
It's made of matte gray plastic, with a plastic silver band outlining the face of the phone. Keyboarded phones are usually built for texting, but in this case you'd almost be better off with a touch-screen-only phone.
PCD has modified the standard Android lock screen and added Mobile ID, but that's about it. The Venture turned in some of the slowest benchmarks we've seen in recent memory; you can definitely count this phone out for high-end gaming. Sync Mobile provides a fast low investment program that can have your cell phone business up and running in no time. Sync Mobile offers a turnkey solution for those seeking information on how to become a T Mobile dealer.
If you see this phone on the display rack, you'll almost certainly make a better choice if you venture elsewhere.

If you're more of a message and data user than a talker, that $35 plan is hard to beat—especially considering that a data plan alone will cost you $30 on a carrier like Verizon Wireless, and for that price you're limited to 2GB of data per month!
There are five home screens you can swipe between that come preloaded with some useful apps and widgets, like a battery saver app. Bringing prepaid wireless products into your business can increase the traffic to any business. When setting up your cell phone business with Sync Mobile you will be automatically set up for over 40 carriers. Prepaid phones have provided income opportunities for many entrepreneurs seeking residual income.
PCD manages to fit in a 2.8-inch display, but at just 320-by-240 pixels, it looks dim and grainy.
Mobile ID lets you customize your device with downloadable theme packs from Virgin that include applications, ringtones, wallpapers, and widgets.
There are four physical function keys right beneath the display, which sit on top of the phone's four-row QWERTY keyboard.

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