Windows has become the third most popular platform in the United States, when it comes to devices of all stripes (tablets, smartphones, PCs).
Please print out a print-friendly form by clicking this link and keep it in your glove compartment in your vehicle all the time — along with your insurance card. Call your claim agent on your insurance card immediately to be assigned a claim number to get your claim moving quickly!
As an independent agency, we have the power of selection to find the best protection for you at the most competitive rates in the industry. Interestingly enough, Windows phones are rising in terms of not only popularity, but also phone production and variety. With each passing week, more and more Windows phones are getting slated for production and sale in the three largest phone carriers (and others, as well).
In addition, the Windows 8 operating system will make the Samsung Ativ Odyssey a welcome phone for those who want the full Windows experience without compromise on an entry-level device. If a pool of insureds has fewer claims across the board, then everyone in that pool will have lower rates.

The 4-inch display provides a proper viewing display by which consumers can read emails, browse the Internet, and watch YouTube videos. This is what a preferred market is, and KISA Insurance knows how to find the best preferred carrier for you. Whether you are looking for Home Insurance, Auto Insurance, Business Insurance, Life Insurance, or even the specialty insurance we provide for Multi-Unit Dwelling Owners and Associations, we at KISA Insurance want you to know that we will be right where you want us when you need us: at your side.
The super AMOLED designation means that you will see crisp, clear photos, videos, and emails on your Windows 8 phone. Tech experts have been on the critical side when it comes to Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet, since the Windows RT OS requires app downloads from its own store and does not allow you to use old Windows 7 apps on your new device.The entry-level nature of the Windows 8 device can be seen in its battery, cameras, and screen resolution. While the super AMOLED screen does provide the brightness of an advanced device, the Ativ Odyssey does have a small screen resolution (800 x 480) than that of, say, a Nokia Lumia 920 (1280 x 768) – although a Nokia Lumia 920 does have a half-an-inch advantage over the Ativ Odyssey. The battery is only a 2,100mAh battery, meaning that it may provide the same amount of talk time as the original battery found in the Samsung Galaxy S3.
Owning a Galaxy S3, I can tell you that it is reliable for calls, small Internet browsing, and numerous standby time.

The battery is compatible for those who want to do a small amount of tasks with the phone; if someone wants to play XBox games regularly, watch lots of movies, or spend a large amount of time on Facebook and Twitter, increased battery life is needed. While the original Galaxy S3 battery was 2,100mAh, Samsung just placed a 3,000mAh extended battery on sale for around $65. Thus, the Ativ Odyssey may receive an extended battery at some point in the future.The cameras themselves are at the starting point for those who are new to the Windows (or smartphone) experience.
1.2-megapixel and 5-megapixel cameras will provide high-definition (HD) photos for your albums and walls, which is the entry-level photo experience.
Most smartphones today are producing standard 8-megapixel, rear-facing cameras that provide an Ultra HD experience. Ultra HD will provide photos that have more detail than an HD camera, but this does not mean that HD cameras are not sufficient to provide marvelous photos themselves.Verizon has yet to provide the cost of the phone, but the features and specs lead to a price of somewhere around $80-$99 on a two-year contract with Verizon Wireless.

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