April 19, 2012 by Chrystal Johnson 11 Comments Did you know that 5 million trees are used each year to produce phone books, and 80% of those books end up in landfills? To celebrate Earth Day, the WhitePages wants to encourage you to think about using online resources (like the WhitePages) as a green way to look up phone numbers and info you need, rather than reaching for the phone book.
Everyone who comments will be entered to win a Samsung I9250 Galaxy Nexus 16GB phone (unlocked), pre-loaded with useful WhitePages apps, so you can cut down on your paper use.

As a special thank you for reading about this contest, the WhitePages is offering one lucky Happy Mothering reader a $25 Amazon gift card. I entered and wrote this: The last time I used a phone book when when I was shipping a Christmas gift to my Mom and I need some some stuffing in the box so I tores up the pages. The content on Happy Mothering is provided for educational and informational purposes only, and is not intended as medical advice.

Please consult with a qualified health care professional before acting on any information presented here.

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