Founders of New Jersey, Brief Biographies by Descendants, pub by the Descendants of Founders of NJ, 2006. Genealogical and Personal Memorial of Mercer County, New Jersey, by: Francis Bazley Lee, Lewis Pub.
Archibald Havens says that our Havens Welsh ancestors were believed to have been Quakers, or they married into Quaker families. Benjamin Havens-5 was listed in the 1790 Census for New Windsor (then Ulster, now Orange County) as head of a family containing two males over 16, three under 16, and four females.
The Jerusha-5 presumably was Nathaniel-5's sister who Mallman said married Elkanah Smith, but Archibald Havens said she married a Platt.
At this point, Archibald Havens completed his analysis of the principal errors he ascribed to Mallman. By his second wife he had a daughter Maria S-6, born January 9, 1810 died March 1, 1893, married Nathaniel N.
The Census of 1776 lists him as head of a family with one male over 50, one between 16 and 50, one under 16, four females over 16 and two under 16. John Havens Jr.-5 (Henry4, John-3, George-2, William1) died intestate in 1786, and letters of administration were granted to his sons Peter and Daniel and son-in-law Samuel Smith. Peter Havens-6 (John Jr.5, Henry-4, John-3, George-2, William-1), born May 1, 1775 died May 18, 1822, married Deborah Barteau January 10, 1786. Children: Selah-5, born April 20, 1755 died January 29, 1785, married January 29, 1781 Sarah daughter of Selah and Hannah (Woodhull ) Strong. Archibald Havens' papers also included the following notes on others of the Havens family whose lines he could not fix and who may or may not have belonged to the Brookhaven family of John Havens-3 George Havens, Brookhaven Assessment, 1749. My sixth great-grandfather Heinrich Hirt LANDIS built a stone house around 1750 near Ringoes, East Amwell Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Most of these images of the Landis House were supplied in 2005 by Kat a Find-A-Grave Contributor of Monmouth, New Jersey. Contrary to the first sentence above, I don't find the Landis House on the National Register of Historic Places or National Historic Landmarks Program so if you know what list it is on, please Email me.
Shown below is the 1910 postcard of the Landis House from both Katherine Schaefer, a descendant of Henry Landis, and former resident Michael Burdge.
Also seen on page 13 of the East Amwell Township, New Jersey municipal assessment web page. Landis Family Burying Ground, now lost or perhaps was later called Dilt's Graveyard above. The East Amwell Township web page stated Lafayette recuperated at the LANDIS House from the famous Revolutionary War 1777 winter at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Other Follis Families with connections to well know American icons are on my Six Degrees of Separation page. Click on the Drawings in this chapter and print the PDF illustrations on your printer at home.
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He then concentrates on the Brookhaven descendants in Long Island NY, (and assigns them his own series of numbers, like Henry C. In his will dated June 25, 1750 he calls himself John Havens Sr., mentions his wife Sarah, daughter of John and Sarah (Horton) Conklin, oldest son Henry-4, third son William-4, sons Jonathan-4 and Benjamin-4, daughters Sarah-4, Eleanor-4, Mary-4, Phebe-4, and Desire-4. Jeremiah-6, also above, was the son of Nathaniel's brother Captain John Havens -5, who married Abigail Bostwick (Mallman).

His manuscript continues with listings of individuals in the fourth, fifth, and sixth generations.
John Havens-5 (John-4, John-3, George-2, William-1) was known as Captain John or John 3d, to distinguish him from John Jr.-5 (Henry4, John-3, George-2, William1). Jeremiah Havens-5 (John-4, John-3, George-2, William-1) was born in 1757 and died August 21, 1820 aged 63. Henry Havens-4 (John -3, George-2, William-1) married Abigail, daughter of Daniel and Mehitable (Horton) Tuthill. About 1770 he owned the three Necks - Hog or Hawkins, Pines, and Littleworth (Moriches) - and at about that time, with Col. The remains of this dam, just north and west of the Montauk Highway, were recently still visible. Benjamin Havens-4 (John-3, George-2, William1) married Abigail daughter of Thomas and Susannah (Thompson) Strong.
Archibald Havens, on the authority of the Strong Family Genealogy, said that he moved to Bedford, Westchester County, New York, where he died, but the Bedford in question was in Kings County, and I found his will in the Brooklyn Surrogate's Court files. She was a daughter of Mereby and Mary (Strong) Bostwick and a sister of Abigail Bostwick, wife of Captain J o h n Havens-5.
Mallmann, former Pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Shelter Island NY, reprinted by the Shelter Island Public Library Commemoratint Its 100th Anniversary 1885 a€“ 1995, copyright 1899. Heinrich Landes was the son of Johann Heinrich and Elizabeth Hirt Landes, among the first Brethren baptized in (1723) America. The physician as shown on the historic sign, and an email from a 5th great-grandnephew, was Gershom Craven, not Graves.
Perhaps for either wooden porch rafters or rifle port holes to repel both Indians and British Soldiers?
A descendant ended up in Somerset, Wabash County, Indiana with my Albaugh, Eikenberry, Follis, Kingery, and Landis families.
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Havens did in his chart) saying that nearly all the Havens "now living in the Town are descendants of John Havens-3, the son of George-2 (205 in Henry C. And Mallman himself, on page 293, shows Patience, daughter of Daniel and Deliverance (King) Tuthill as marrying John Havens. He married first Mehitable Brown, who died September 10, 1807; his second wife was Bethia Conklin (?). Josiah Smith, he built a dam and grist mill on the East Branch of the Mantic River (Paper Mill Pond?) with a run of native millstones. In 1775 or 1776 he sold Hog or Hawkins Neck to Daniel Downs; his wife Abigail also signed the deed. He is named in the will of his father John-3 and is bequeathed the eastern part of South Haven, including the mills. Prince of Yonkers, New York, states in a letter of October 30, 1899 that his great grandmother Ruth Havens was born in and married from Brookhaven, born 1756, married Aaron Higbie in 1785, had a son Major Benjamin Higbie of Babylon and later of Troy, New York. Landis added to the original holding from time to time until he became possessed of at least three hundred acres. After learning the saddler's trade in Germantown, Pa, in 1737 he married Elizabeth Naas (1717-53), daughter of Johannes and Margaret Naas. It was a natural stopping place on the road between Philadelphia and New York and about 4 miles from Coryella€™s Ferry. She is mentioned in his will, dated March 5, 1783, probated January 22, 1799, plus sons Benjamin-5, Nathaniel-5, John-5, and Jeremiah-5, plus daughter Charlotte-5. He married Abigail, daughter of Merriby and Mary (Strong) Bostwick, who was born July 4, 1746 and died November 9, 1801.

He bought Ariskonk Neck in Center Moriches from John and Sarah Gardiner in 1798; he sold it, except for 30 acres, to Benjamin Petty in 1801. He is said later to have lived on the Wilcox place in Old Neck and possibly later in Brooklyn. Josiah Smith and John's father Henry-4 built the dam and grist mill and this John later had a sawmill on that site.
There were probably also the following children, mentioned in the will of Joseph Smith as children of his daughter Rebecca: Henry-6, Rebecca-6, and Abigail6.
On February 14, 1757 he conveyed to Benjamin Havens-4 (see below) Ariskonk Neck and half of Orchard Neck; his wife Ruth also signed the deed (Unacknowledged Deeds Book 3 page 99). I have heard both my father and Aunt Sarah Wickham say that we were related to the Higbie family of Babylon, but I do not know how. Sinai Post office, is the broken stone of Harriet, daughter of Merodach Havens, The year of her death is missing, but she was ten years old.
The town of Ringoes is on John Ringo Road the town and tavern founder, now County Road 579, about 15 miles northwest of Trenton, New Jersey and 12 miles west of Princeton University.
They settled in Ringoes, NJ, where his well-known saddlery attracted customers from as far away as New York. As early as 1766, the tavern was a meeting place for the Son's Of Liberty, a secret faction who wanted to rid the colonies of the British.
There are, however, some errors in them that I shall attempt to point out, as well as to give some additional data. He also had two daughters, not mentioned in the will, who lived at Oyster Ponds (Orient), possibly Mehitable-5 Moore and Bethia5 Rackett. Where it is helpful, I have drawn on both, plus material in my own possession concerning Benjamin Havens-4 and 5. They had nine children, and the following listing, from a Strong family Bible, checks essentially with Mallman. Nathaniel Miller of Fireplace (Brookhaven Village), and their children were Nathaniel who married Ellen Carman, Mary who married William Andrews, Jerusha who married Caleb Parrhall, Laura who married George Ashby, Dewitt who died unmarried, Caroline who married Caleb Green, Sarah who married George Andrews, and Julia P., who died unmarried in 1888.
94 Daniel Tuthill Havens-6 (Jeremiah-5, John-4, John-3, George-2, William-1) was born June 9, 1787 died February 28, 1868. He may have conveyed the other half of Orchard Neck to John Havens-4, for the latter conveyed to his son John-5 part of the east side of the Neck in question. He appears on the Brookhaven assessment rate in 1749, and he signed the Association in May 1775. Susannah-5 married Daniel Voorhees and had children: Benjamin-6 and Phebe-6, who married a Webster. In 1750 Henry Landis built on his farm a story and half, stone house with gambrel roof, which stands today on the east side of the road. In 1750 he built a house, still standing (1981), which was used for church services; it was noted in the annals of the Revolutionary War. She survived her father, who died when the family was living in Bedford, Kings County, where her father made his will. Heinrich and Elizabeth Landes had ten children; following Elizabeth's death, Heinrich married Catherine Graff (b. I am not so sure that she was a daughter of John-4, but there was a Jerusha of that period, and I think she may have married a Platt. Charity-6, born January 8, 1777, married William Hawkins and had children John and Abigail. George and the Patentship of Moriches, listing himself as the head of a family with one male over 50 (himself), two over 16, two boys under 16, two females over 16 (probably his wife and a daughter), and one female less than 16. She and her sister Sarah died in infancy, and their stones are in the old Center Moriches Cemetery on Beachfern Road.

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