If I told you that the Washington Redskins were leading their division when they beat the Bears, it might appear that it wasn’t a bad loss.
Week 15’s loss to the Minnesota Vikings makes sense, but it was still hard to swallow. The only thing that the Bears have to look forward to now is the NFL Draft in April of 2016.
Kevin White was a journeykid (get it?) prospect that broke out for the West Virginia Mountaineers last year. After undergoing preseason surgery on his shins, it was unclear whether or not Kevin White would see the field this season. About Adam HartogI am currently a student at American University in Washington DC, but in my heart I am at a Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, or Cubs game at all times. IF I see the powers that be start REALLY addressing the big uglies ( Oline and Dline ) , then I will believe that finally someone at Halas Hall is serious about long term winning ! Following the GB game I thought Fox and his staff were well on their way to having built a solid core of younger players to move on with but now I can see a group that managed to play over their heads in that one game and they spent far too much time reading their press clippings and too little time with their playbooks and game plans. This team NEEDS to be broken down and re-built, not the patches that would have AGAIN been applied if they’d snuck into the playoffs for a 1 and out beat down. The flashes of respectability were greatly encouraging, but not to be confused with an actual good team.
The Chicago White Sox kicked off the 2016 season with one of their hottest starts in recent history. The south siders started the season pitching out of their minds from the top to bottom of the rotation with the exception of John Danks.
In fact, while this statement might sound a bit too panic oriented and too early to be sure, I really think that these last few games dropped by the bullpen are enough to propel the Sox to go out and trade for help in the bullpen. Speaking of the Sox bats, while I am pointing out possible weaknesses, I must stress that the Sox have been hitting really well. Overall, the last few weeks of baseball have surely exposed some sore sports for the Chicago White Sox. About Kevin HickeyI am currently a sophomore at Indiana University with a double major in Economics and Political Science.
Perhaps what we are really seeing is the combination of an overworked bullpen and some expected dead arm phase for pitchers versus a total collapse.
The Chicago White Sox traded for third baseman Todd Frazier in the 2015 offseason in hopes to boost a lineup that mightily struggled during 2015 to scratch runs across the board. However, I can’t help but remember that only one fourth of the season has passed, and much time remains for slumps. The Royals would get a run back the next inning off Rodon, but the Sox bullpen was lights out.
Hopefully the Sox win over the Royals in the finale can propel the Sox in a positive direction as they head into a huge series with second place Cleveland Indians.
About Bobby NorellI am currently a senior at Indiana University Bloomington and I am studying Sport Communications. Chicago White Sox general manager Rick Hahn will remember the 2015-2016 offseason mostly for his acquisitions of third baseman Todd Frazier and second baseman Brett Lawrie, and probably the late signing of pitcher Mat Latos. Many casual fans around the league probably don’t even realize that Rollins is still playing professional baseball, much less than being the starting shortstop for a first-place team.
Now that Rollins is well into the 2016 season on a major league team, it has to be discussed to give the 37-year-old just a little less playing time. Rollins may be a serviceable shortstop, but if the White Sox want to turn around their offensive struggles that plagued them throughout the series in the Bronx, it may be time to give Tyler Saladino more opportunities. If Ventura isn’t comfortable having Saladino be the everyday shortstop just yet, the solution may be to still move Rollins down in the lineup, since he has only one multi-hit game since April 26.
At the end of the day, Rollins’ bat doesn’t have to be in the lineup for his veteran presence to be in the clubhouse. About Stephen CohnI am currently a sophomore at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a major in Journalism and a minor in Political Science.
After looking like they were years ahead of their rebuild with a win against the hated Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on Thanksgiving night, the Bears have taken an unexplainable number of steps backwards. If I told you that they were leading the embarrassing NFC East (or NFC Least, according to Skip Bayless), that loss would be put into perspective.
On the road against a team that is fighting for the division title, not many people gave the Bears a chance in this one, but the fact that it was a division game gave hope that it would at the very least be a competitive match.
I am incredibly over-connected to those teams, which typically leads me to heartbreak every chance it gets.

His departure has created an even bigger question mark at the bottom of the rotation and as soon as the middle of Mat Latos and Carlos Rodon begin to really give up runs and keep the Sox out of games the rotation looks a whole lot less intimidating. Outside of closer David Robertson, who has still been playing pretty well, it would be difficult to argue that the no name relievers that the Sox have could play well enough to lock down the games that they need to in order to ake a run at the playoffs. However, I think their biggest weakness offensively might solely be their inability to have each feature of their lineup to hit to potential at the same time. Albeit, I think these problems are actually quite fixable considering a move of the front office or just a little work to keep performing up to par. At third, Frazier plays a position that has been a disaster for the White Sox for nearly a decade, since a back injury to Joe Crede made him inconsistent in his play and led to his eventual retirement. Frazier is tied for the lead in home runs in the American League and is near the top in RBIs. If Frazier can avoid any major slumps or injuries I think that he is an All Star this year and one of the best additions for the Sox since those that went into a World Series Championship in 2005. In the fourth inning, and with the Sox trailing 1-0, Todd Frazier came to the plate and sent Yordano Ventura’s 2-0 offering over the right field bullpen to tie the game 1-1. Ventura made a mistake on the 0-2 offering as he left a change up in the zone and Cabrera made him pay. The Tribe are currently only 2.5 back of the Sox, so a series victory would help distance them from the rest of the division. Cody Anderson and Mike Clevinger will start for the Tribe, while Mat Latos and Erik Johnson will start for the Sox. I am a fan of the Chicago White Sox, Notre Dame Football and also Kansas Jayhawks Basketball. After a disappointing 2015 campaign with the Los Angeles Dodgers – his first season ever away from hitter-friendly Citizens Bank Park and his Philadelphia Phillies – Rollins had to consider hanging it up. When the Sox signed Rollins in late February, it felt like a move just to add a veteran presence into the spring training clubhouse and, possibly, a backup infielder.
Both shortstops have issues getting on base, but it may just be time to give Saladino more opportunities and at least see what is there before making a move before the trade deadline for a shortstop (possibly the Rockies’ Jose Reyes). I am a sports reporter for The Daily Illini and an online writer for the satirical newspaper, The Black Sheep.
After leaving the game in which nobody thought they had a chance in with a victory, the team has lost to A the San Francisco 49ers, Washington Redskins, and Minnesota Vikings. The 49ers, who just a few seasons ago were constantly competing for NFC championships, were in a state of total disarray. I have been self-diagnosed with what is known as "football addiction." Analysts commonly refer to me as the Michael Jordan of watching the NFL, and my happiness is tied to Fantasy Football. I mean fill em up with quality players not the hot pile of crapola we keep calling and Oline for years and years !!!!
They have been surprisingly good on both sides of the ball compared to recent history and White Sox baseball has gained many of its fans back in this young season. In fact, during the last few weeks, the pitching staff as a whole has struggled tremendously outside of ace Chris Sale and the solid number two of Jose Quintana. A middle reliever that can come in and give them some solid innings around the late sixth to the middle of the eighth inning might be the most valuable move for General Manager Kenny Williams. For instance, Todd Frazier has had a number of impressive games this season and sports 12 long balls and 32 runs batted in during less than 50 games. I look for the Sox to survive at least until the all-star break, but if they continue to struggle in similar areas I think they are in need of a move to make a run at the playoffs. My favorite teams include, of course, Indiana Basketball, Duke basketball, the Detroit Pistons and the Chicago White Sox. White Sox third basemen since Crede have no only struggled to hit consistently but have also been unable to defensively play one of the most important positions on the field.
Perennial all-star and probably the best active MLB player not to win a Cy Young Award Chris Sale posted his worst career numbers and at times it showed that he and the rest of the pitching staff could not rely on the defense to go and get them tough outs. His ability to lead in these categories take a lot of pressure off of Jose Abreu, the only real source of runs that the White Sox could look to in 2015. I look for Frazier to continue his play this year and finish a dynamite season with the Sox in 2016. I am from a small town about 20 minutes east of Notre Dame and I have attended every home football game since I was in first grade. He hit a measly .224 with only 40 extra-base hits in 144 games, but much less was taking away playing time from the highly-touted Dodgers prospect Corey Seager.
The cause for concern with Saladino would be his ability to get on base – his on-base percentage is surprisingly lower than his actual batting average.

I cover the Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs beats for isportsweb and am from the northwest suburbs of Chicago!
Naturally, they came into Soldier Field and beat the Bears in a game that wasn’t as close as the 24-21 final score.
While someone that is injury plagued isA typically considered a wasted pick, this is the first major injury of this magnitude that White has endured, and it was not one that was caused by something that happened on the football field. However, even during their hot start, fans and the like had to know in the backs of their heads that weaknesses would begin to show up as the season progressed. Rodon and Latos actually have been much more vulnerable and the bullpen has mightily failed to keep runs off the board.
After all, he need not look further than the defending world champion Kansas City Royals to see the true value of a strong bullpen. Realistically, that pace is pretty unsustainable for anyone, let along Todd Frazier and his strikeout tendencies. If you disagree with me about Chris Sale you need not look further than his start to the 2016A season: 9 wins in 9 starts and the second lowest ERA in the entire league.
Though Frazier does not hit for average, his presence as another big bat in the lineup aside from Abreu really helps the entire lineup to hit at a higher rate. In the ensuing at bat Adam Eaton hit a line drive to the left center field gap that screamed extra bases, but Lorenzo Cain robbed him and kept the Sox runners in place.
However, Saladino isn’t meant to be a front of the order guy; bringing him into the game more often allows for lineup flexibility for manager Robin Ventura, moving Saladino down in the lineup and centerfielder Austin Jackson up to the two-hole. After the biggest win in two years for the Bears, they dropped two straight inexcusable contests.
The verdict is still out on Kevin White, and it will be until he gets some real playing time under his belt. Dating back to their debacle in Texas while giving up a 5 run lead late in the game and 13 runs overall, the bullpen has been touched up at every spot. I think most baseball experts would probably agree that having one of the strongest bullpen cores in the MLB is key to making a championship run, and that is something the Sox definitely need in order to fully reap the benefits from the show that their bats have been putting on this year compared to years past and especially last year. But, Jose Abreu, a perennial star, has struggled out of the gate and currently has a batting average well below his typical numbers. Sale even attributes much of his success in this young season to a higher confidence in his defense, and that starts with Frazier. The fact that he can do this so well makes Frazier the best move of the offseason for, I believe, any team in the league.
White was supposed to bring an instant impact to this team’s offense, and give Jay Cutler anotherA big weapon to utilize. The good thing about Kevin White not playing until next year is that it will seem like the Bears had two first round picks, at least. Today, the Yankees took another game from the Sox bullpen and continues to expose this cold streak the Sox pitchers are on. Thus, I think it will be easy for the best Sox bats to be performing well at different times, which is still promising considering they have been able to score a decent amount of runs, but they also might not be able to hit to potential. It was perfectly plausible that he find struggles with his new team, as many recent south side additions have found.
Todd Frazier then worked a walk which brought one of the Sox’ hottest to the play in Melky Cabrera. Already this season he has made the tough plays, a diving catch in the stands in Texas and just a few games ago he quickly started the second triple play of the 2016 season for the White Sox.
For instance, Melky Cabrera has been quite inconsistent and Jeff Samardzija had an abysmal year in 2015 with the White Sox.
However, Frazier has been able to shy away from that problem and has propelled the Sox to be one of the American League’s best. He is a guy that will be at third nearly every game, and makes the plays he needs to for the team to be successful.
As a whole, I think the Sox really reap the benefits defensively from Frazier from top to bottom and the rest of the team feeds off of his energy to be a much better defensive team.

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