If you wish to receive a notification each time a new post appears on High T3ch, feel free to subscribe. If our classes become more fast-paced, tech-savvy, and interactive, will teachers be able to hold the attention of distractible students? Made as a collaboration between Samsung and Cricket, the giant Samsung Messager SCH-r450 takes the title of the biggest cellphone in the world.
So you can call someone or send a message, but you might need to stretch a bit to reach all the buttons though. Leaving high school for college means navigating an entirely new social atmosphere, succeeding in classes like Classical Mechanics and Mathematical Methods, and learning to accept (or ignore) the various eccentricities of new roommates.
In 2010, the New York Times published an article called Growing Up Digital about high school students whose grades suffer because Facebook is more engaging than homework. Driven to Distraction by Cal-State psychology professor Dr.
The more time we spend engaging with the fast-paced virtual world, the less patience we have for a one-hour college lecture. Duncan believes that implementing strict rules about cell phone and laptop use would help students focus.

I will extend these questions to undergraduates, graduate students, and teachers across campus. However, there was one challenge that neither Eaton nor Rechter anticipated: the effect of digital distraction on their success in the classroom.
I asked him whether it is possible that students who don’t text are simply better students. Cell phone messages offer instant gratification and studying for a chemistry exam offers future rewards that are not immediately tangible.
Do professors need to focus on slowing students down so that they can once again learn to be critical thinkers, deep readers and patient problem solvers? Maybe it’s not the texting itself that is a problem but rather that students who text are more easily distracted or less interested in the topic?
Rosen writes about the importance of implementing “tech breaks” so that students can focus for longer periods of time. They advocate using interactive lecture tools like blogs and iClickers in the classroom to compete with the lure of social media.

Can we do all of this while acknowledging the importance of cutting-edge technology in our rapidly changing world?
Are these students suffering from a decline in the quality of a college education or are they looking for soundbites and a fast stream of information? It is a very real possibility that freshman-level college classes are too easy for many students, but have these students learned how to ruminate over philosophical ideas, to research topics more deeply or to analyze and challenge their professor’s theories?
But, the data from our classes where the instructor most strongly discourages phone use is significant.

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