The Raiders High Performance team has recently returned from a successful camp on the Gold Coast and their efforts over the course of the trip has left club development staff highly enthusiastic about the future of the Green Machine. Handpicked 16-18 year olds from across all of the Raiders development areas a€“ Canberra, regional NSW and the Logan area in Queensland a€“ all gathered together to further their development and test their wares against each other and rival sides in contested matches at the conclusion of the week. It is an initiative that has been going on for a number of years and has assisted in identifying several current Raiders NRL players. Raiders Recruitment Manager David Hamilton fondly recalls stories surrounding a young Shannon Boyd going head to head with an up and coming Josh Papalii one year.
The pair clashed ferociously throughout the game with neither taking a backward step and their promising performances resulted in the talented young forwards reuniting in the SG Ball side the following year. This yeara€™s group had Raiders Development Officer and Harold Matthews Coach Adam Kyle similarly impressed.

In the matches at the conclusion of the camp, the Raiders squad defeated Marsden State High School in the first match and were narrowly defeated by the Gold Coast in the second fixture.
Many of the players will now join the Harold Matthews (Under 16a€™s) and SG Ball (Under 18a€™s) squads for pre-season training. Seems either no one is talking about louis daguerre at this moment on GOOGLE-PLUS or the GOOGLE-PLUS service is congested. The camp is a reward for those players selected out of our junior representative and scholarship programs. It is used when there is a need to change the ground elevation and stops damage of property and injury of people by preventing the land from falling away.There are different retaining walls used for different applications.
They train twice a week from May untill September with this camp the culmination of their efforts throughout the year.

Our most popular type of retaining wall is the the masonry block wall and the timber sleeper retaining wall.
All Fencescape Fencing retaining walls are constructed with the highest of quality materials and adequate subsoil drainage is ensured as well as being aesthetically pleasing.Retaining walls are generally constructed with timber or masonry. When the design has been completed, we can build it to the specifications.Sleeper Retaining WallsBy far the most requested type of retaining wall to be built.
It is important to address drainage behind the wall to ensure its longevity by enabling water to drain away.

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