While an extinction event from radiation seems unlikely, an extinction event for electronic devices seems quite a bit more probable. Must be the reason why Gays become so important to humanity, it must be the reverse polarity. Either North America will become South America (and vice versa) or we’ll have to get new compasses. Also, since the South Pole is going North, and this has happened before, can we then say “The South will rise again”? Technically right now the north pole is a southern magnetic pole, so after the reversal, the north pole will actually be a true magnetic north pole, which means the south ends of magnetics will point at it.

If we’re concerned about big solar flares hitting earth when the magnetic field is in normal shape, what happens if a moderate solar flare hits when the shields are down?
If the North Pole is in the North, and the South Pole is in the South, would we then call the pole in the North the South Pole, or would we continue to call the North Pole the North Pole when it is in the South?
Nicholas will have to relocate his dwelling and factory, and if this will affect the timing of his package deliveries. And you can obviously tweak software so that, as far as the user is concerned, north is still north.
This possibility has led some scientists to suggest that a geomagnetic reversal would cause an extinction event — but so far, there are no fossil records that suggest that previous reversals were followed by mass extinctions.

The most likely reason for the reversal is¬†simply the¬†general interaction and chaos of the massive dynamic forces at play — but there are some other hypothesized triggers, such as massive impacts, or significant plate tectonic shifts.

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