Fat Prophets have been bullish on Gold since 2002 and their Australasian share portfolio is heavily weighted to precious metals mining shares. We continue to be encouraged by the progress being made across the project portfolio at Evolution Mining (EVN).
Evolution was formed by the merger of Catalpa and Conquest last year, and since the deal we have seen some very significant management and board changes.  The most important being the appointment of Jake Klein who has taken on the role of Executive Chairman and MD of the group. Evolution Mining released its maiden First Half 2012 result in February, reporting a headline net loss of A$17.9 million for the half. The company reiterated gold production guidance for the 2012 year, to be in the range 335,000 to 375,000 ounce and 410,000 to 465,000 ounces for 2013. Critical to the progress of whole portfolio here is not just about reaching these production targets; but also demonstrating reasonable cost control across the assets overall as these assets develop and reach steady state production.
As Jake Klein recently commented, ‘This is an encouraging addition to our efforts to maximise the value of Edna May.
Cracow and Mt Rawdon which were acquired as part of the formation of EVN were an insignificant part of Newcrest’s Mining portfolio (approximately 3%). This is already evident at Cracow with new targets area already identified along strike from Kilkenny North.
We believe that Jake Klein and his management team have the ability to meet this production target. Fat Prophets continue to believe that gold prices will go ever higher in the years ahead, further underpinning the Evolution growth story. Kew may be home to some of Britain's most beautiful gardens and one of the world's most important plant research centres, but sometimes the most important things are the simplest. Sometimes the best way to deal with fidgety kids is to let them loose, and the rolling hills of the Bretton Estate are an ideal playground for troublesome tykes to tire themselves out.
Fallen asleep after too many sherries, and woken up to the smell of scorched sprouts and charred turkey? If your angsty adolescents need to let off some steam, take them to Greenwich's interactive museum of popular music in The O2.
Hidden away near Bond Street and Oxford Circus, the Wallace Collection is a sublime shelter from the storm of Christmas shopping in central London. If you need a break from the in-laws, escape to the home of one of the world's greatest romantic writers. From the farm on which his mother grew up to the home in which he died, the houses help illuminate both the man behind the plays and the world in which he lived.
Editor's Note: While our writers are attempting to cover as much of Chicago's restaurant scene as possible, we occasionally forget that some can't indulge in quite the same way. Like any mortal, I occasionally crave a fat slice of chocolate cake, but most of the time, I like to seek out all the wonderful cuisines that so happen to also be free of gluten. In my ideal brunch world, I'm seated immediately, poured well-brewed and bottomless coffee by a genuinely friendly server, and don't have to ask for "no toast" with my inevitable scrambled eggs. I could smell the bacon sizzling for my perfectly cooked custom omelet (bacon, mushrooms, and spinach) and creamy home fries sprinkled with herbs, onions, and red pepper. Though you'll need to stay away from the banh mi, they are widely considered Chicago's best, so invite your gluten-full pals to join you. You'll need to get there early to snag a seat at The Grind, but your efforts will be rewarded. If you're in for the long haul, fuel up with an espresso drink (regular, soy, or almond milk) and a PB&B ($5.75). Now that winter is here, it's time to hunker down with gatherings of friends, or maybe just your favorite movie.
Italian's not the first cuisine that jumps to the gluten-free mind: bread and pasta don't exactly work. So, whether you're there on a date or with a group, you can focus on socializing in the lively atmosphere and enjoying the outstanding food rather than fretting over your order.

Chicago's excellent restaurant reputation is well deserved, but if you're gluten-free what else stands out as Chicago's own?
Speaking of things quintessentially Chicago, tacos are one of the best gluten-free foods around.
These are a few of my favorites, but what are some of your favorite gluten-free options in Chicago? You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
This true twin flat kick freestyle has a reforestation certified sustainable core, carbon fiber load bars, and FORM 6- C Black fiberglass configuration making it the team's ultimate choice. Evolution currently operates four gold mines in Australia and is currently developing a fifth in Queensland. The result was primarily driven by a A$29.4 million charge arising from the merger, in late 2011, between Catalpa Resources and Conquest Mining to form Evolution Mining.
This asset will provide a significant boost to Evolution’s growth profile in the coming years. As such they demanded little management attention relative to others and suffered as a result. The exploration upside in each of these assets is also significant and is now being given due management focus. Our survival guide's full of great days out to fix your festive woes, whether you've burnt the turkey or need a last-minute gift. With two cafes and two restaurants, the Royal Botanic Gardens are a magnificent spot for afternoon tea amid beautiful surroundings. The 60 open air sculptures on display give parents something to enjoy while the children are playing hide and seek.
Head to the Ashmolean, home of Manet's recently acquired portrait of Mademoiselle Claus – the museum's dining room will be serving delicious dinners throughout the Christmas period. With a range of real instruments to play and record on, the British Music Experience is a great day out for carol singers and aspiring guitar gods alike. Enjoy the world class art on display, or simply save 20% dining at the Wallace Restaurant with your National Art Pass. Fear not – the shops at the V&A are galleries in their own right, hung with perfect presents ranging from beautifully designed baubles to children's outfits, and you can save 10% on everything you buy with your National Art Pass. Not great if you can't digest gluten—the delicious, but troublesome, protein found in barley, rye, and wheat (and thus beer, hot dog buns, and pizza crusts).
This Lincoln Square gem holds its own in our coffee-conscious city, and features this highly caffeinated writer's favorite dark roast drip brew for just $1.85 (and a free refill).
Thoughtfully engineered with bananas sliced long to ensure there is fruit in every bite, the sandwich is anchored with the perfect amount of honey and peanut butter. But Anteprima's enormous menu features many naturally gluten-free options (and the traditional emphasis on olive oil means it's a great option if you're avoiding dairy as well). I always succumb to the inventive flavor and texture combinations in their seafood preparations, like the parchment-baked cod. Well, even if you don't have the budget or foresight to get a table at Topolobampo or Frontera, XOCO in River North offers an excellent and affordable take Mexican cuisine.
Check out this round-up for some inspiration (but keep in mind that, for example, Del Seoul may use soy sauce). EVN is targeting 335-375k oz of production in the current financial year, moving to 410-465k oz of gold equivalent production in FY13. Jake Klein has a an impressive track record particularly with Sino Gold which he took from being a junior miner into a multi-billion dollar market cap company which was subsequently taken over by global gold major Eldorado Gold. However underlying profit of A$20.2 million better reflects the performance of underlying operations.

The deposit is expected to produce 95k oz of gold equivalent at an average cash of $600 per oz of gold equiv. Under EVN’s ownership these assets represent over a quarter of the asset base of EVN and as such will be a key focus of management attention.
Over the next few years EVN will in our view reach steady state production of 500,000 per annum from 5 key assets.
We should not underestimate the knowledge and information available from EVN’s relationship with Newcrest which has a significant shareholding of 33%. Even better, you can save a third off travelling on the Thames Clipper when you show your National Art Pass.
Here are some of her favorite places to visit in the city without having to worry about gluten. The quietly gluten-free menu is self-described "eclectic" but the vibe is decidedly European with beautiful pressed tin ceilings, classic narrow-paned windows, and unobtrusive techno. But the true deal sealer was the homemade hot sauce—sweet, tangy, and so good I repeatedly squirted it straight onto my spoon. The perfect accompaniment is the peanut butter chocolate chip cookie ($.75), which tastes just like mom used to make but without the gluten (or any dairy or eggs, actually).
Any of the many sandwiches are available on locally made gluten-free bread at no extra charge. There are an astounding number of choices, straightforward menu descriptions mean no hidden ingredients, and servers are extremely attentive to food sensitivities. All of the gigantic caldos (stews) are fair game, especially the Slow-cooked Gunthorp pork carnitas ($11.50), which come with satisfying potato-masa dumplings. Whether snacking or just getting a meal, top it off with the house-made hot chocolate and soft-serve ice cream. If you're looking for an awesome burger, everything at Butcher & The Burger (reviewed here) is a custom order, so you can ask for lettuce as an actual option and not feel gypped of 30% of your food. Albeit, off a low base, we now have an underground resource that complements the open pit resource of 270k oz grading around 7 grams per tonne. In our view they are likely to be better managed and as a result see more value extracted in terms of both current operations and exploration.
Once this milestone production level is reached, Evolution will warrant a premium to valuation. Assets that may be immaterial to Newcrest may be a source of future acquisitions for Evolution. The delightfully sticky blob, dotted with black beans and sprinkled with shredded coconut, comes with an addictive crunchy topping of sesame seeds, sugar, and finely chopped peanuts. Also, since they take reservations through Open Table and then call to confirm, you have two chances before your arrival to clarify your dietary restrictions.
And "Culture Shock!" Success Secrets guides offer relevant, practical information with the real-life insights and cultural know-how that can make the difference between business success and failure.Each "Culture Shock!" title is written by someone who's lived and worked in the country, and each book is packed with practical, accurate, and enjoyable information to help you find your way and feel at home. The enormous noodle salads ($7.95) are essentially deconstructed spring rolls, brimming with fresh herbs and greens, peanuts, pickled veggies, rice noodles, and whatever grilled protein you'd like (shrimp, pork, chicken, and tofu are available). The new variety, Gingersnap Almonds, perfectly captures the spirit and spice of winter snacking, while Pauline's Pecans are also worth checking out.

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